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Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Live Updates MegaThread

Welcome to the MegaThread for the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance! The live stream will begin at 9:00 am EST or 14:00 UTC.
Use this thread as a forum for discussion, announcements, and conversation regarding the live stream. It will serve as a handy place for people to both read updates, as well as discuss them.
I will be updating the main thread with updates as they happen and the time they happened. Please bear with me. Feel free to add a comment with any updates that I miss. Thank you to flowcrypt for concurrent updates.
Please see flowcrypt comment below for summary. I will post the summary here at the conclusion of the event.
Jeremy Millar (EEA Board Member)
In the longterm, the only difference between a public or private blockchain would be comparable to a firewall configuration
Andrew Keys (ConsenSys)
Let's work together and build great things!
Joe Lubin (ConsenSys)
We launched Ethereum before there was an ecosystem. It felt like we were building the Xbox without any games.
Marles Gray (Microsoft)
This is the tip of the iceberg.
Sandra Ro (CME, derivatives exchange)
We need to collaborate more, not less.
Matt Spooke
There is a need for these different perspectives. We need each other.
Amber Baldet (Moderator, JP Morgan):
There is a long way to go. Having access to the people of the core technical community, is crucial for this.
Tyrone Lobban (JP Morgan) - talking about Quorum
Privacy with data integrity
Quorum demo (JP Morgan, Santander, Microsoft)
Demonstrating private transactions between banks
Bob Summerwill (ConsenSys, Lead Architect)
Build roadmap to EntEth 2.0 in 2017
Ethan Buchman (Tendermint)
Standard ethereum needs tweaks to work in an enterprise setting
John Whelan (Santander)
We want to take the cool things we are doing in the lab, into production.
Shahan Khatchadourian (ConsenSys, Lead Architect)
Privacy is a key component (for legal and regulatory compliancy)
Yorke Rhodes (Microsoft)
The last two years have been really interesting
Julio Faura Enriquez (Banco Santander):
We first tried to modify stock Ethereum (by reducing difficulty and gas price) but ran into roadblocks. Then, we switched to Quorum and joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.
Vivek Kohli (BNY Mellon)
The technology is driving collaboration
Toon Leijtens (ING, Dutch Bank)
Patrick Schmidt (Insurance industry)
The insurance industry is looking for ways to reduce costs.
Ramesh Babu
The planned schedule is as follows:
Time Event
08:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Introduction to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Jeremy Millar, Founding Board Member, EEA
10:00 Introduction to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Vitalik Buterin, Inventor & Chief Scientist, Ethereum Foundation
10:30 EEA: AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Vitalik Buterin, Inventor & Chief Scientist, Ethereum Foundation
Andrew Keys, Global Head of Business Development, ConsenSys
Jeremy Millar, Founding Board Member, EEA
11:00 Panel: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance - Launch Member Perspective
Moderator: Amber Baldet, Blockchain Program Lead, J.P. Morgan
Marley Gray, Blockchain Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Joe Lubin, Founder & CEO, ConsenSys
Sandra Ro, Head of Digitization, CME
Matthew Spoke, CEO, Nuco
David Treat, Blockchain Lead, Accenture
12:00 Lunch
01:00 Demonstrations: Ethereum in Action - Financial Applications
Tyrone Lobban & Samer Falah, Blockchain Center of Excellence, J.P. Morgan
John Whelan, Director of Innovation, Santander
01:20 Panel: Ethereum for Finance
Moderator: Lex Sokolin, Global Director of FinTech Strategy, Autonomous Research
Ramesh Babu, Blockchain Practice Head, Wipro
Julio Faura Enriquez, Head of R&D, Innovation Division, Santander
Vivek Kohli, Director, Treasury Services Emerging Payments Technology Head, BNY Mellon
Toon Leijtens, Senior Architect & Developer, ING
Elizabeth Polanco Aquino, Blockchain Center of Excellence, J.P. Morgan
Patrick Schmid, AVP Enterprise Research, The Institutes
02:00 Presentation: EEA Technical Roadmap
Shahan Khatchadourian & Bob Summerwill, Lead Architects, ConsenSys
02:20 Panel: Why We’re Doing What We’re Doing with Ent.Eth 1.0
Moderator: Yorke Rhodes, Blockchain Business Strategist, Microsoft
Heiko Hees, CEO & Co-Founder, BrainBot
Shahan Khatchadourian, Lead Architect, ConsenSys
Bob Summerwill, Lead Architect, ConsenSys
John Whelan, Director of Innovation, Santander
03:00 Panel: How Startups Can Help Ent.Eth 1.0
Moderator: Yorke Rhodes, Blockchain Business Strategist, Microsoft
Phil Daian, Researcher, IC3
Kieren James-Lubin, CPO & Co-Founder, BlockApps
Jan Scheufen, Head of Product, Monax
Eran Tromer, Founding Scientist, Zcash
Dominic Williams, President & CTO, String Labs
03:40 Coffee Break
04:00 Demonstration: Ethereum for Industry Today
Maksym Petkus, Blockchain Engineer, Chronicled
04:15 Panel: Ethereum for Industry
Moderator: Andrew Keys, Global Head of Business Development, ConsenSys
Dan Doles, CEO, Mojix
Jared Harwayne-Gidansky, Deputy Global Head of Emerging Business & Technology, BNY Mellon
Maksym Petkus, Blockchain Engineer, Chronicled
Subhankar Sinha, Director, PwC
David Sutter, COO, Hijro
04:50 Thank You and Call to Action
Jeremy Millar, Founding Board Member, EEA
05:00 Reception
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Jim Mellon: the Longevity Industry. Lithium & Blockchain set to boom. Bitcoin is a bubble!

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