Get Paid in Bitcoin and Plant Tress While You Listen ...

Plant Trees and Earn Bitcoin by Listening to Music - Bitcoin Australia

Plant Trees and Earn Bitcoin by Listening to Music - Bitcoin Australia submitted by ulros to fbitcoin [link] [comments] lets users earn BSV by reading articles, watching videos or listening to music. We share 67% of our income with our users and content creators and payout monthly in a transparent, verifiable way, powered by Bitcoin. Our advertisements are powered by TonicPow! lets users earn BSV by reading articles, watching videos or listening to music. We share 67% of our income with our users and content creators and payout monthly in a transparent, verifiable way, powered by Bitcoin. Our advertisements are powered by TonicPow! submitted by Apoc_Lydianz to bitcoincashSV [link] [comments]

Earn bitcoin by watching videos, listening to music and clicking random links. FREE DOLLAR to start... Get to $10 in no time!

Earn bitcoin by watching videos, listening to music and clicking random links. FREE DOLLAR to start... Get to $10 in no time! submitted by coincrazyy to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

AAMusic : 50 points bonus, 1000 points = $1. Earn money with AAMusic by just listening to the new releases.

A top paying for music streaming app. Works with Amazon, Deezer, Napster, and Spotify music services (soon Google music).
It gives higher rewards (faster point accrewmen) if you use the premium (paid) vs free services of the previously listed.
Ad line:
"Being music fan is now remunerated. Earn money with AAMusic by just listening to the new releases."
50 points bonus, 1000 points = $1
Pays out in:
Amazon, Bitcoin Ethereum & PayPal
Minimum payout amount:
PayPal minimum payout amount is $5 Others minimum payout amount is $1
Reward for Referrals:
5000 points ($5), 1st 100 on invitee sign-up, the remaining 4900 when/if they achieve "level 2" rank.
Referral link & manual entry code (50 bonus points):
Code: oeegpc
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AAMusic - Earn money by listening to music

AAMusic is an Android app that allows you to earn money by listening to music. Unlike other similar apps, AAMusic allows you to listen and earn usinf multiple streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Google Play Music (although it's still experimental) and many more.
How it works?
You choose your preferred streaming platform, and AAMusic will give you a playlist to listen to and the longer you listen the more points you earn.
The longer you listen you will earn achievements that increases your level and allows to earn more points.
The app is available worldwide with a minimum payout of $10 USD in PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and even Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The app is available in the Google Play store just by searching it or you can use my referral link (I don't get paid to do this so please) or here's a non-referral link
You can earn just by listening to music or you can just leave your phone on 24/7 with headphones plugged in :)
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Weekly Update: Buy/Sell and Swap crypto from ParJar, Tezos on 2gether, Uptrennd + Mousebelt, GET Protocol burn report... – 3 Apr - 9 Apr'20

Weekly Update: Buy/Sell and Swap crypto from ParJar, Tezos on 2gether, Uptrennd + Mousebelt, GET Protocol burn report... – 3 Apr - 9 Apr'20
Sup folks! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (3 Apr - 9 Apr'20):

Cap shared a sneak peek into what the next 2 weeks will look like for Parachute and ParJar in terms of product updates. TLDR: it "means people in 40+ countires can buy eth with a debit card and then get any coin they want - can also convert any coin they want to Eth" all from the convenience of their ParJar. He followed that up with a much awaited Parachute Digest. The beta has already gotten off to a great start with the first cash to crypto transactions in UK, India and Europe! Cap also announced a new Parachute crypto league to start next week on the new Crypto Leagues platform (news of which we had shared last week). The Parachute Running Club is now a full blown athletics club - "Now, any Activity from Running to Cycling, Swimming to Weight Lifting, Yoga to a Gym Session will be paid for in PAR!". Great going! Gian began this week’s Two-for-Tuesday with a tribute to legendary jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis Jr. on his recent passing. In continuation with last week’s theme, Parachuters posted music videos “featuring bands or artists whose name starts with the letters E, F, G or H” for 2FT this week. Click here for the playlist. Thanks again Sebastian! Gamerboy’s TTR trivia this week was based on “Kindergarten Science”. Haha! Afful hosted another quiz in tiproom for 10k $PAR in prizes. Victor’s TTR trivia was uber fun. Yoleidis won this week’s Parena to take home a cool 10k+ $PAR.
Can you see the new buttons? Exciting!
Thank you for your service Doc Vic (@Vitico96). Mad respect!
20k $AXPR were burned as part of the weekly aXpire burn event followed by the 200k $AXPR monthly burn for April. Tezos was added to the list of supported cryptocurrencies on 2gether app this week. For #XIOSocial discussion this week, Citizens discussed about $XIO’s value. Also, for the artists (and non-artists) out there, put a mask on Bombino to stand a chance at winning 100 $BOMB tokens. Wondering where to store $BIRD tokens and how to withdraw them from the app? Click here and here respectively for the guides. Fantom’s Q1 2020 summary report came out. The latest technical update was published as well. To read District0x’s latest District Weekly, click here. A set of new community incentive programs were announced with $DNT rewards. These will focus on improving the District0x network through community-sourced proposals, artwork etc. Financial data providers Salt Edge and Tink were integrated to the Hydrogen platform this week. The Hydro crew was also interviewed by OmiseGo about Hydro Pay using OmiseGo’s tech to power transactions. In their latest article, they also discussed how fintechs are helping small businesses cope during the COVID-19 crisis. As mentioned in the last update, the new Sentivate browser update will have support for torrents. Founder Thomas Marchi mentioned the support will also include torrent integration. Having submitted ideas for SelfKey’s Mobile App adoption, the community voted for the best ones this week. Europe-based joined the platform’s crypto exchange marketplace. The data breach timeline compilation article was updated with latest information.
$BOMB fans are a super creative community. Here’s a small sample
Uptrennd founder Jeff shared a post listing the entire team that runs the platform from behind the scenes. Never knew that they had a such a big crew. Amazing! The platform now has 12M+ points (and consequently, $1UP) locked for level ups by users. And 500k+ comments in March alone. And big up on crossing 80k members on the platform! The crew kicked off am #EggHunt2020 contest this week. 21 eggs to be found in 5 days. 11k+ $1UP to be won! And saving the best for the last, Uptrennd was accepted into Mousebelt’s accelerator program. Woohoo! You might recognise Mousebelt from Harmony and Constellation who were part of their earlier cohorts. In addition to network effects, this will also contribute to product improvements. How does Pynk make money with its 0% fee model? Click here to find out. Harmony founder Stephen Tse sat down for a live AMA with the Gitcoin community this week. If you missed it, you can watch it here. Plus, he did a live stream on the current challenges and opportunities. The new tokenomics model was released last week. Anyone wishing to watch an explainer video on it can click here. The weekly #pow thread was detailed as always. Ankr offered 2 months of free hosting for anyone wishing to participate in testnet staking through their one-click deployment solution. Check out the node setup demo here to find out how quickly it can be done. Co-founder Sahil Dewan’s thoughts the Indian fintech scene vis-à-vis blockchains were published in a featured article on Moneycontrol this week. Chainode Tech’s review report on the project came out as well. CTO Rongjian Lan wrote a detailed guide on Open Staking.
Google searches for Uptrennd are showing an uptrend. Noice!
Intellishare crew observed Tomb-Sweeping Day holidays this week which meant a temporary pause to some activities. GET Protocol’s Q1 2020 burn report is here. Looks like 107k+ $GET tokens have been burned last quarter. Not bad! Plus, the community also chipped in to translate the fansite into Korean, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. That is amazing! To check out COTI’s tech roadmap for 2020, click here. The team will sit down for an AMA with Crypto Shelby next week. A big picture explanation of the MultiDAG consensus and token generation process was also released. The first snapshot for DoYouTip’s $DYT bonus was conducted. Following a minor access point issue, CyberFM made it up to listeners by 10X’ing all CYFM earnings for 24 hours from 4th April to 5th April. Wibson hosted an online session on an introduction to bitcoin and blockchains in partnership with MoneyOnChain and cryptoresources.
Lovely scenes from Tony’s and Chris’ backyards
And with that, we close for this week at Parachute. See you again with another update. Cheerio!
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The Lemonade Stand: A (Head-canon) story of LibUnity

The Lemonade Stand: a LibUnity story
Miles Clarence Pinnacle II: Sixteen-year-old heir to Pinnacle Products™, dashing, incredibly driven, lazier than a sack of bricks at anything NOT having to do with $$$, not Jewish, skipped a grade and won’t let anyone forget, dirty™ capitalist™ pig™, somehow likes every genre of music at the same time???, American™ dream, SO. FREAKIN. EXTRA., genuinely wants you to follow your dreams and be happy by spending your entire life acquiring wealth, somehow hasn’t gotten punched yet, “patron of the arts” because Salvator Mundi just sold for $450 mil, “buh-buh-buh-buh-BITCOIN!”, wants to be Elon Musk but unironically, raised by 4chan, “God says no, market sells yes”, duality of man, slacks, button-up shirt, vest, Rollie™, sunglasses, the most pretentious shoes you’ve ever seen
Leslie (couldn’t afford a middle name mate) Jones: “it’s shite being” British-American, one ethnically crooked tooth, can’t find a consistent ideology, Sex Pistols, petty theft, titty pills, anarchism, fan of the Sex Pistols, sailor mouth Victorian taste, likes incorrectly using British slang, listens to the Sex Pistols, “too nice :)”, makes a really good hummus because it’s not her native food, as “free range kid on free range food,” Oi!, 17 “but I’m not like those other wankers,” the same Sex Pistols shirt everyday even though it has a massive hole in the right arm-pit, always wears union jack bandana, two bits over a meter and a half “tall”, messy brown hair, flower skirt, did she mention she likes the Sex Pistols?, light brown eyes, worn-out chucks, bollocks
Mr. Miles Clarence Pinnacle I: America! capitalism, America! sport/s, America! my beautiful family, America! Pinnacle Products™, America!
Mrs. Julie Winter Pinnacle: “Sweety have you tried my homemade casserole? All the girls at Bible study loved it! Do you go to Bible study dear? Oh, you should join us next Sunday! Barbara does such a good job at leading discussion about ʰᵒʷ ᴶᵉˢᵘˢ ᵈᵒᵉˢⁿ'ᵗ ᵃᶜᵗᵘᵃˡˡʸ ᵐᵉᵃⁿ ᵃˡˡ ᵗʰᵉ ʳᵃᵈᶦᶜᵃˡ ᵗʰᶦⁿᵍˢ ʰᵉ ˢᵃʸˢ…
l e m o n s, first quarter, moral ambiguity, U.S. housing market
Scene 1: Sunny American day in a sunny American neighborhood. Fourteen-year-old Miles Clarence Pinnacle II sets up a shabby lemonade stand (seriously Miles, a lemonade stand? Aren’t you a little too old for this?) (“Money’s money baby 😉”) across the street from a construction site, hawking his newest Pinnacle™ Product™ (or as I like to call it, his newest get-rich-quick scheme) (“Hate the man, not the hustle baby 😉”).
Whatever, let’s just see how the market reacts to his newest… hustle.
Miles: shouting with comical gesticulation Lemonade! Get your lemonade here! Nothing better after a hard day’s work than a nice, tall, refreshing glass of ice cold… ooo, hear those ice cubes tinkling it’s like straight out of a commercial people… and it’s so uh… refreshing, you wouldn’t believe me unless you tried it yourself! And just think gentlemen, this beverage, this… Pinnacle™ of refreshment can be yours, and only yours, for two small payments of $.50. Truly, this miracle of capitalism could only happen in a land as beautiful and free as the U. S. of A. Now, which one of you lucky gentlemen will be the first to try…
Construction worker: gathered around an Igloo™ water cooler Go home Miles, your lemonade sucks.
Miles: indignant Hey! My lemonade does not suck! It’s a Pinnacle™ Product™!
Construction worker: It’s watered down slop is what it is. I’d rather pay five bucks for water than a dollar for your crap.
Miles: dumps out half the glass Care to put your money where your mouth is?
Construction worker: raises his third cup of water Nah I’m good Miles. Got all the water I need for free.
Miles: grumbling Commie cheapskate.
Construction worker: laughs and returns to work
Miles: looking down the street for another other suckers customers. Notices a young “girl??” nonchalantly approaching and gestures they/them over Hey, hey, hey, you, kid!
“Girl” (maybe?): removes quem’s headphones Who, me?
Miles: Well I don’t see any other strapping young men…
Leslie: … women…
Miles: women this side of the sidewalk, do I?
Girl: looks around I… guess not?
Miles: puts his arm around her shoulder cause what’s personal space, right? You’re absolutely right! What’s your name kid?
Leslie: visibly uncomfortable, but Miles hasn’t gotten the customer satisfaction report yet Leslie.
Miles: Well my gender-ambiguous friend, you’ve just walked into the opportunity of a lifetime.
Leslie: playing along I have?
Miles: with dollar signs in his eyes Absolutely! You have the exclusive hono, of having the first glass of my patented™ home m… assembled! glass of Pinnacle Lemonade!™ A once in a lifetime opportunity that can be yours, and only yours, for one small payment of…
Leslie: curtly I’ll try it if you shut up.
Miles: silently steps aside and hands her a glass
Leslie: s i p p
Miles: impatiently Well? How is it? You love it? You love it don’t you? You love it so much you’re speechless.
Leslie: grimacing It tastes like, like…
Miles: the greatest thing you’ve ever…
Leslie: Shite.
Miles: the five stages of grief But, but… it’s a Pinnacle Product™…
Leslie: tosses it out Tastes like watered-down minute-maid mate.
Miles: tries it himself and promptly spits it out. Crashes like the housing market onto the stool, sighing dejectedly Huh…, maybe that’s why I haven’t made first quarter.
Miles: exploiting™ it I won’t be able to make my first bitcoin investment, and this venture capital failure will haunt my portfolio till the end of my days. My credit will take, I’ll be denied a car loan, potentially rendered homeless…
Leslie: rolls eyes anarchically
Miles: applying for an Oscar Well, thanks for the feedback. I guess I’ll go back to putting the depression in Depression, broke, friendless, hopeless…
Leslie: giving into ancap™ tears™ You know, I have a lemon tree in my backyard, I could bring you some fresh lemons to…
Miles: rebounding harder than post-WWII American economy Corner the organic market! Leslie you’re a genius! puts arm around her shoulder again Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, I’m so glad the invisible hand of the market that brought us here together today.
Leslie: economically confused It did?
Miles: As sure as Adam Smith’s law of supply and demand!
Leslie: Who’s Adam Smith?
Miles: … >:(
Leslie: backing away I’ll just, go get those lemons yea?
Miles: frozen like the national unemployment rate ha-ha economic memes so funny She doesn’t know who Adam Smith is. She’s as British as overpriced tea but doesn’t know who Adam Smith is. She probably doesn’t know anything about economics. reflects in smuggling and tax evasion No wonder we revolted.
Leslie: returns laden with lemons (try saying that three times fast) Ok! I’ve got them!
Miles: Now that’s what I call fast food!
Leslie: giggles, dropping all the l e m o n s Oh, sorry sorry!
Miles: scurrying to collect future profit No, that one’s on me, I’m a capital pun maker. I inherited it from my dad.
Leslie: collecting the lemons for common use It’s alright, at least it was funny.
Miles: getting kinda lost in your hazel eyes Leslie, ngl So, uh, wanna come inside and get these squeezed? I mean lemons, squeeze the lemons… you know what I mean.
Leslie: Do I?
Miles: leading her across the street Let’s hope not. C’mon, I’ll introduce you to the folks.
Scene 2: Basically, a Bed, Bath and Beyond kitchen catalog, complete with tiled floor, “Live Laugh Love” signs, and several wine bottles. It’s even got a Golden Retriever named Biscuit. But he’s a good boy yesh you are, yesh you are! Oh yea, and Mr. and Mrs. Pinnacle are here. They’re actually really cool people, if a little American.
Miles: barging through the front door with Leslie in tow Mom! Dad! I’m home!
Dad: putting down the Wall Street Journal Hey-hey-hey sport, how’s the lemonade stand going?”
Miles: with all the false confidence of a failing business We’re venturing into new markets!
Mom: wipes off hands on a dish rag Oh, and you brought a friend over! Would you care to introduce us Miles?
Miles: Oh yea, Mom, Dad this is Leslie, Leslie uh…
Leslie: extending her hand Jones, Leslie Jones. It’s nice to meet you sir, thanks for having me.
Dad: shakes her hand. Notices the Union Jack bandana around her neck and decides to get cultural Don’t mention it mate! We’re happy to have you, just don’t tax our tea am I right? laughs in protectionist economic policies.
Mom: Miles are you and the queen staying for lunch? Or tea, rather? winking at Leslie
Leslie: realizes that Americans have even less subtlety than she expected
Dad: Untaxed of course. laughs in Marshall Plan
Miles: Sorry mom, my partner and I gotta make first quarter.
Dad: First quarter, or the first quarter?
Leslie: chuckles
Dad: finger guns the one person who laughed at his dad joke
Miles: A-ha-ha-ha very funny dad. Just wait until ur next batch of Pinnacle Lemonade™ hits the market. Because you know what’s gonna happen? It’s gonna break the market. And you know why? Because it’s gonna be the best one yet. And you know why?
Dad: Because you attached more quality than name to a product?
Miles: gesturing between himself and Leslie because it was all his idea obviously, We’ve… got a secret ingredient.
Dad: Foreign labor?
Miles: No. I’m talking about the best marketing ploy since $.99, “organic.” Show ‘em your lemons Leslie.
Leslie: blushingly reveals “her” lemons
Dad: Wow, those look fresh, and more importantly, free. “Organic” could work, as long as you’re not false advertising our minute-maid again. Do you have a consistent supply?
Miles: We sure do, right partner?
Leslie: Uh… yea, we sure do.
Dad: getting those proud dad gears turnin’ Well then what’re you waiting for son, time is money!
Mom: Feel free to use the juicer Miles.
Miles: grabs the juicer then opens the back-door Thanks mom! Let’s go out back Leslie and get lemons juiced! (ok I’ll stop)
Mom: gushing as any mother of a friendless child would Oh! It was wonderful to meet you Leslie. You’re so striking I’m surprised I haven’t seen you in the neighborhood before. Do you live nearby?
Leslie: Uh yea I live around here yea.
Mom: Splendid! Then you simply must come to church with us this Sunday! The neighbors are coming over my signature homemade casserole™ and they have two boys you and Miles’ age that...
Leslie: briskly Sorry, my mom and I aren’t big on church.
Mom: without missing a beat That’s fine dear, you don’t have to be a believer to go. Why don’t you meet us here at 8 tomorrow, and we can take you with us?
Leslie: I don’t think…
Mom: places her arm around her shoulder, what’s with Americans and physical contact Splendid! Miles dear, you’ll be sure to introduce Leslie to Hans and Alexy tomorrow, won’t you?
Miles: It’s Oliksey mom, and no they’re weirdos.
Dad: We’re all Americans son.
Miles: Fine. But I don’t think they’re Leslie’s crowd, you know? They’re too… foreign.
Leslie: indignantly I can judge their character myself, thank you very much.
Dad: See that, everybody’s happy except you Miles. Now, don’t you have money to make?
Miles: sweeping her out the door C’mon Leslie let’s goooooo.
Leslie: flustered at Miles’ hand position You’d better watch those mitts chav!
Scene 3: The suburban boonies, an un-mowed backyard. Leslie’s lost count of how many trials and ERRORS Miles has put her through while trying to find the perfect cocktail. She wouldn’t be as pissed if there was actual alcohol in it, but they’re 14 and Miles wants to get into Yale, so he only drinks Old Fashioneds (as if).
Miles: handing Leslie a crystal glass new concoction… whaddya think?
Leslie: pushes the headphones further into her ears Christ, Miles. Do I have to try another one?
Miles: Oh, c’mon please! This one’s the money I’m tellin’ ya.
Leslie: That’s what you said about the last three piss jugs you had me drink.
Miles: All part of the capitalist process my dear. Now, if you please?
Leslie: takes the suspiciously presentable liquid Oh… bollocks.
Leslie: s i p p Hm. Hmm! This is really good! Doesn’t taste like shite this time, what happened?
Miles: Four-parts water, two-parts lemon-juice (not his), half part ice, half part sugar, half part mint, and a pinch, a PINCH of ginger. My dear Leslie I present to you, the first ever Pinnacle Beverages Lmt. Product, “The Mile High. Is what happened. 😊
Leslie: genuinely impressed This is really good Miles, and I’m not taking the piss I’d pay good money for this, and that means a lot coming from me.
Miles: dollars signs for pupils That’s all I needed to hear, which is why… kneels before her
Leslie: blushing like a Victorian aristocrat W-What’re you doing you nuttah!
Miles: takes her hand Leslie, I’m prepared to offer you 15, no, 20% stock in Pinnacle Beverages Lmt.™. We’ll make millions Leslie, millions with your organic stock and my technical know-how.
Mr. Pinnacle (inside): sees his son proposing to the punk queen Looks like he’s making more than a friend out there honey.
Leslie: looks away bashfully Oh yea um,… about that.
Miles: We’ll be on billboards across the country! Commercials on prime-time television! We’ll give Coca-Cola a run for their money, we’ll…!
Leslie: hesitantly Miles…
Miles: checking himself, but not for the right things No, no, you’re right. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. You were an integral part of this operation and I shouldn’t undercut your contribution, which is why I’m preparing to offer you… retches excuse me, 25% of my company from this day forward. All for the small price of an endless supply of fresh lemons. extends his hand Well friend, what do you say?
Leslie: looks at his outstretched hand in guilt I… I can’t.
Miles: about to cry Please, please don’t make me say 30%, it’ll break my heart.
Leslie: I don’t care about your money, Miles.
Miles: Great! 5% then!
Leslie: shouting I stole the lemons Miles!
Mr. Pinnacle (inside): turning back to his coffee I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.
Miles: incredulous Y-you’re right. This deal’s so good it’s basically stealing.
Leslie: NO Miles. I stole those lemons from a house down the street. My flat won’t let us grow stuff in our place, so I come here to… you know, bridge the gap.
Miles: pridefully You should’ve told me Leslie. Stealing violates the NAP, but lying violates our friendship.
Leslie: prejudicely Pfft. Morality comes easy to toffs living in a two-story house in the when you live in a two-story house in the burbs.
Miles: sincerely We weren’t born into money Leslie. My dad started as a door to door salesman before opening his own company with my mom. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps with wit, determination, and a modest business loan.
Leslie: rolls eyes impoverishly
Miles: I don’t know who you are, where you come from, your religion, your political ideology or any of that, and I don’t care. I wanna be your friend, and that should be enough.
Leslie: lowering her guard You’d be friends with a two-bit thief like me?
Miles: with reassuring confidence With a resourceful, unscrupulous marketing queen like you? As sure as Rothbard’s critique of central banking I would!
Leslie: Still don’t know what you’re on about but, spits into hand I swear by Sid Vicious’ guitar strings I’ll be your mate if you’ll be mine.
Miles: spits into his hand as well Deal. On one condition.
Leslie: What’s that?
Miles: No more stealing. Not when you’re with me. We’re a team now, and we help each other out right?
Leslie: Fine. Guess now that I’ve got stock in a major beverage company I can only go up from here.
Miles: Only pure profit from here partner!
Leslie: Then let’s shake on it.
Miles/Leslie (simultaneously): shaking hands At 20%, 30%.
Miles/Leslie: 15%, 25%.
Leslie: grips his hand You’re supposed to meet me halfway you greedy pig!
Miles: grips hers back You’re supposed to negotiate better you snotty welcher!
Leslie: grips him harder than the Federal Reserve Halfway Miles, before I unionize.
Miles: surrenders to worker’s rights Fiiiiiine, 20%, final offer.
Leslie: pops his knuckles
Miles: takes his hand back yelping ow ow ow ow ok ok, 25% 25%.
Leslie: smirks like the cocky Brit she is Pleasure doing business with you Miles.
Miles: nursing his credit card hand The pleasures all mine.
Leslie: Wait, if I can’t steal, how’re we gonna get more lemons?
Miles: Well, if we factor in the increased cost of production and labor, we have no choice but to double the price of lemonade then use the excess earnings to re-invest...
Leslie: gathering the remaining batches Yea, yea, yea I get it whatever let’s go.
Miles: watching her with non-economic curiosity Right behind you, friend.
Ernst Hansel Gorbach: German-“Bavarian, but there’s only one Germany”-American, son of retired U.S. general and stay-at-home mother, “By the Kaiser!”, the most hardcore Lutheran you’ll ever meet, Aryan poster-boy, bit of a killjoy, surprisingly good singer, “Hitler was a cuck,” would simp for Wagner, slacks and tucked-in button-up shirt, 6’ 2”, “no hand-holding till marriage >:(,” 18, virgin (obviously), rugby, race-realist, HOI4, “wish I was home uniting the German tribes rn”
Teenage insecurity
Scene 1: Back on the cruel streets of American suburbia.
Leslie: packing up the stand I can’t believe it.
Miles: flipping through the modest stack of money That capitalism works?
Leslie: No, that people bought lemonade for two quid.
Miles: Exactly!
Leslie: scoffs Selfish cock-up.
Miles: shrugs It’s not selfish if people buy it. Speaking of which, here’s your cut.
Leslie: counts it multiple times in disbelief (and poor math skills) Blimey, is this all for me?
Miles: It’s eighteen dollars, Leslie.
Leslie: That’s more than I’ve made all my life! I’m rightly chuffed I am, wait till my mum hears about this!
Miles: smiling I’m glad Leslie, thanks for doing this with me.
Leslie: returning the smile Happy to help Miles! Let me know if you ever wanna do… this… again.
Ernst Hansel Gorbach enters stage right.
Leslie: turns away bashfully after being rendered breathless by Aryan Prime
Ernst “Hans”el Gorbach: stops his bike in front of Miles Picking up the pieces of another failed venture, eh Miles?
Miles: Ackchyualy my dear Hanso, you just missed the opportunity of a lifetime. My newest creation was a tremendous success.
Hans: looking at the shabby remains of a shabby lemonade stand before finally noticing the weird flat-chest I’m sure it was Miles. Who’s your newest sucker partner?
Miles: Oh, this is Leslie, my business partner. Say hello, Leslie!
Leslie: turns around slowly, avoiding his gaze while robotically extending her hand H-hi.
Hans: gives her the once-over before gingerly shaking her dirty hand How do you do.
Leslie: turns away as her cheeks turn into a bed of roses
Miles: oblivious Hanso, I’m telling ya’ man. This stuff we made, perfection man, perfection.
Hans: authoritative snort Is that true, Leslie? Was the stuff actually good this time?
Leslie: Uh, y-yea. It was.
Hans: race realist eyebrow raise I see. Well, I guess I’ll have to try it some time.
Miles: You can try it after church tomorrow. You coming?
Hans: Yea, I’ll be there. Is your friend going too?
Miles: Nah, I don’t think…
Leslie: blurting I’ll be there!
Miles: socially confused But I thought you said…
Leslie: turns around That I wouldn’t miss it for the world? You bet your arse I did!
Hans: momentarily meets her eyes before casually turning away Right. Guess I’ll see you both there.
Miles: Yea, I guess you will. Coming for casserole afterwards?
Hans: getting back on his bike Sure.
Leslie: hot mess I’ll see you there too!
Hans: slow nod Cool. Catch you later Miles. It was good meeting you… uh?
Leslie: Leslie.
Hans: quietly Leslie. See you tomorrow.
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I'm sad about bitcoin enthusiasts lately, and it has nothing to do with the price but rather what people precieve as the best strategy for mass adoption and whats valuable within this ecosystem.

Hi, I dont expect this to have much sway but if it did, I might find myself happier- not just about bitcoin but rather in life. As well I didn't mean to write this long of an essay, but I felt it was important to explain my position.
I need to convey a few things about my life and it's story that made me so happy to get involved in cryptocurrency in the first place to properly convey where I'm coming from, and not just all bitcoin.
In 2005 my brother saw the 08(or a similar economic collapse) recession on the rise, but he was more about hyperinflation of fiat. 7 years my senior he had been out of highschool for about 7 or 8 years. He was getting the 'gold bug' in short, wiki it if you don't know what I mean with that term. Basically what he told me sounded a lot like what most folk here are saying about spending, specifically when I asked 'well how easy is it to spend it?' Which his reply at the time was "when the world goes to hell in a hand basket, everyone will figure it out and use it". He was basically saying in one sense what were saying about the dollar principals- fiat is unsustainable and will crash and burn horrendously. I didn't think much about what he said until 2009 when I saw the housing crisis and then felt I should investigate how economics works a bit; at this time I'm going on 22 and in a bad depression after a bad breakup with a girl I planned on marrying. Very depressed and become EXTREMELY cynical about the world and even everything around me. For about 8 years I was totally a mess, didn't even know what I wanted anymore in life, backpacked Europe by myself for 2 months. Was all over the EU. Almost ended up in Kiev during the invasion of little green men. Joined the army when I got home, didn't love being infantry, got out. Jobs were hard, shittier pay then when I worked retail before I had left for college immediately after my breakup (don't do that, waste of money and time- good parties though lol).
Then one day in February 2017 I'm playing an rts with some international internet buddies and one guy asks "hey do you guys like money?", that was my hook into crypto. The gains witnessed on xrp the following month had me mesmerized in this entire eco system, and for the first time in like 10 years I'm so busy but happy watching and learning as much as possible, the markets going up, life is good because I still have a day job but I get so stressed and weird my friends distance myself. Greed takes hold and it's all about the sats bb! Well even the friend I got in nearly a year prior in CHRISTMAS 2017 are thanking me for such awesome advice on tokens to "hodl"(were going to return to this term momentarily). 2018 happens, I don't need to discuss the sadness. Actually the day and moment it gets to 10k in April I think 2018 I'm boarding a plane to Denver for a vacation with my brother that was worth anything we spent on it. A great memory with excellent photography threw the midwest, but I digress.
By mid summer 2018 I'm sad because of the price, greed in me is running out and seeing the world get even shittier over time; I say to myself "I wanna make ghillie suits incase shit goes down, just like I wanted to learn how to make them after I left the army". When I left the forces I did pick up some supplies to do such a task but I failed to actually figure it out. Anyways I shelved the crypto for the summer, barely looking at anything until Christmas 2018 when it was too cold to work on any more ghillie stuff in my garage. I'd actually learned a lot about the craft I was eager to learn, the whole time the crypto sphere was just shattering, I was having fun listening to music, drinking beers and tying up ghillie suits, working with my hands.
And then this spring came in 2019, I tied more suits and watched the market recover, shit would be ok and I wouldn't have to keep trying to sell these suits unsuccessfully worldwide for bitcoin, yeah that's something I'll obviously work with if you want a custom suit.
Fishing with my dad on fathers day weekend, when we get back I'm thinking and telling him cryptos gonna be alright, were above 10k again!,, fast forward and were at these price levels once again, past the 8500 futures buyback prediction.
And I wanna get the hell out of north America, at least for the time being. I've been -literally- Holding on For Dear Life since I had that bad breakup, I'm not really suicidal or anything but life isn't getting any better over time for me in north America, on the hodl track I'm going. In fact any bulk wealth I have right now is holding onto an asset I believe some day in the future, when is anyones guess, will be worth all this suffrage in the end. So when I'm like, 65, I might be able to retire and improve my life with bitcoin? Ok... but that's my life I'm sadly squandering away even further. I've decided to attempt to apply for a working visa while I'm still young enough, and I'm going to probably spend at least half if not all my bitcoin living in eastern Europe while hopefully working. Luckily I know of a place I can eat, drink, and lodge in that accepts bitcoin, I'm also friends with one of the owners and that's it.
If we don't spend and use our cryptocurrency to actually fix up our lives, at least in the sense I'm trying to convey, then the price action will always be this bearish, short and nothing to be enthusiastic about. I'm not selling my crypto, I'm using my crypto to build a better sense of wealth, to encourage others to want to work with and use it to. I'm planning on spending my bitcoin for bitcoin, for me, for you. We all hate fiat, but what makes fiat more attractive to anyone is you don't even have plans to hold it while you can find a place to spend it, you already know what and how your going to spend it before you even get it, the incentive that it's coming is the reason you go to work to earn a paycheck.
I'm saying you should all find ways to spend some of your coin, not all of it. I'm not saying take all your coin and buy the best car you can find, take a tiny fraction of your coin and find anything to buy, convince a gas station attendant you know to buy you a pack of smokes while you set up his wallet for him and reimburse him, or her. Anyone, trade the God damned shit, that's why satoshi made it, that's why in 2017 the price did what it did- people bought bitcoin to buy ICO tokens, that's the fluidity!! and without any fluidity this market is doomed to the same bullshit speculative market as gold.
There's two types of actions you can take as a human being, selfish and selfless, and satoshi wasn't being selfish, he was being selfless. I'm going to follow that same principle in the sense I'll be giving up anything financially more radically positive in my future to help this ecosystem become more fiscally radical for the rest of humans.
And here's the extra caveat about me telling this story and you reading it; some of you are going to think something along the lines "good, more sats and dollars for me!" and that's the problem you subconsciously greedy bastards,- you are what satoshi was trying to seperate from human psychology with such a mechanism of perceived value. Your just as bad as the banker you despise, trying to vaccume up all the dollars possible in circulation. You people are the problem, the selfish and not selfless. Bitcoin was designed to be selfless, and you know it to be true because you also know satoshi has more coin then all whales and has never moved it, because it was the backbone of the initial value, the same 1:2 backing most world fiat reserves work under. If you actually think bitcoins a real safe haven I can't understand any reason why you would feel otherwise knowing such a thing as well.
I wish I could have written this out better and been more concise with it but I don't have a lot of time to fool about these days and when you find something that means something to you, you act on it, like I have the crypto markets in the first place.
Tldr: I found something that to me has great value, and is worth me spending at least a good chunk if not all my bitcoin on, in this sense the price movement would be a lot more positive if every hodler did the same and stopped being such a greedy cunt themselves, like this asset almost breeds with the speculative 'hodl' mentality.
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9 Websites and Companies that pay you to listen to Music

Yes, that's actually a thing. Turns out there are some websites that pay you to listen to songs and rate them. A couple of websites expect you to write reviews about the songs and provide feedback.
They don't pay too much but if you can manage to work for multiple websites then you can gather a few bucks by the end of the month.
Here are some brief details about these sites:
More details about these websites can be found HERE. Do share your experiences and let us know if you find success with any of them.
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My Sister’s Health has Been Mysteriously Failing For Years, and I Think I Know Why [Part 2]

Part 1 here.
Hello Reddit. I’m back with an update. I’ve been at Jesse’s since yesterday. We found some odd files on the hard drive. The files are almost exclusively videos, they last anywhere from six seconds to two hours. Jesse says that when he opened the drive, on a virtual machine inside a dummy computer of his, all the files were hidden even though the drive is full. He told me he revealed the files, and watched a few before calling me. When I arrived, he was trying to get into one of the worn old laptops. My heart was pounding when he sat me down at his desk with the dummy laptop to peruse the hard drive files.
“Now, none of the videos are violent or abusive, so don’t worry about that.” He paused. “At least, none of the videos I’ve seen, I guess.”
I nodded gravely and opened “My Computer”. The drive was titled “Paradise Land”, I stared at it for a moment before digging deep inside myself and clicking on it. An endless list of filenames appeared, starting with DCIM_081290.mp4.
“Are you okay to go through this while I keep working on the laptop?”
“Yeah, yeah you try to get into that.” I said, almost automatically. I was feeling numb, and beyond reality. Jesse gave me some earbuds and went over to the mess of cords and two computers on his bed, and I stared down the list of filenames. DCIM_092690.mp4, DCIM_102990.mp4, DCIM_010291.mp4: the filenames aren’t sequential and they seem like random numbers. Finally I flared my nostrils and clicked the first one. Jesse was right, it was just kids. Four children, probably five years old or younger, were playing in a sandbox. The footage was grainy and the colors slightly muted, like video captured on a cheap point-and-shoot. They shovelled, filled their buckets, wet the sand, made some sand castles, and played. All the things kids normally do in a sandbox. This clip went on for 15 minutes, and showed no more than the children playing continuously.
The second clip I clicked on featured children in some communal playroom, like you might find at a church or daycare center. Probably twenty kids up to eight years old seemed to be readying the space for naptime, laying out blankets and pillows through the room about a foot apart. They smiled and joked, and dutifully but happily equipped the room for napping children. The video lasted about two minutes, ending before naptime began. This footage was also grainy and muted, as if it were shot by outdated tech.
I was really confused. Why stock footage of children doing nothing?
The third video featured again about twenty children up to eight years old, all walking down a forest path. They all walked in two lines on either side of a ten foot length of rope, each holding onto one of the maybe thirty loops tied into it. This was some sort of preschool walk trip, but there weren’t any adults visible. I assume it was an adult walking behind them and filming, but. . . . that almost made me feel worse.
The fourth video I clicked opened with one small girl waving at the camera, in what looked like a preschool classroom. She was sat at one of the dozen desks, though she was alone in the room. Warbled infomercial music began to play, the camera zoomed out a bit and revealed some apparatus on her desk. A small dish, a knife, and an apple. Without words she began to present each item to the camera, then showed the viewer how to core an apple. She smiled at the camera but violently sawed into the apple with jerky movements. This unsettled me, and only went on for seven minutes.
The next video showed kids about ten years old playing in the snow, working together to make a snowman. Then there was a video of a classroom full of kids quietly working at their desks, admirably focused on their work in a way that kids never are. The next video was another how-to with warbly infomercial music, where a child showed the camera how to make a papier-mache mask with newspaper, flour, a balloon, scissors, and some markers. Then a clip of two babies at the beach.
I watched and skipped through about fifty videos before I took the earbuds out for a break. I texted my dad and let him know I was safe at Jesse’s, sleeping over. He replied and said he loves me. Jesse happily explained to me about how a virtual drillbit works but I could barely take it in.
“Have you ever watched one of those youtube videos, ‘I ordered a mystery box from the dark web’?” He asked me. I said no, as I haven’t. I don’t know anything about the dark web. “Well,” he explained, “They sometimes get stuff like hard drives with weird shit on them. Maybe someone got this stuff in a dark web box and dumped it behind the library.”
I entertained the idea and it almost felt real, like I didn’t steal these electronics from my older sister’s room. I went back to the videos: more videos of kids, playing in some fall leaves, babies in a playpen, toddlers in a small blow-up kiddie pool having fun. Nobody spoke in any videos, and there were never any adults shown. Just children.
I started to watch one in every dozen videos, making my way down the list faster. Nothing changed stylistically from the other videos, and I was reeling with confusion. Then Jesse tapped me on the shoulder. He got into one of the laptops.
I abandoned the hard drive with its weird, cult-like videos and joined him on the bed to see what was on the laptop. It seemed pretty bare, except for a single .txt file on the desktop. Jesse opened it, and it contained two onion links, which Jesse recognized for what they were. He quickly installed some safety measures, since this laptop was running on his family’s home internet, and pasted the first link into tor. I waited with bated breath. I’d never seen anything mysterious on the dark web, Jesse showed me how to watch Sailor Moon but this was the unknown. I hoped I was ready.
The page that opened was colourful and polished. “Earn $500,000 fast! Your contribution is easy to make and you can start right now! No contribution rejected, going rates START at $500,000! Click now, learn how you can be set for LIFE with Paradise Land!” This was colorfully emblazoned across the green and gold background. The entire page was a link, which we guessed would be the second link in the notepad document so Jesse clicked it.
This new page was stark and amateurish. In large, block, black font the page was titled “Paradise Land” just like the hard drive. In the center left was a video, the thumbnail said “Paradise Land”. I felt a heaviness creep into the pit of my stomach. The page featured no navigation whatsoever, just the off-center video on a glaring white screen. Jesse looked at me. “Are you ready to watch?”
“Um, sure, I guess.” I wasn’t embarrassed by my hesitance. Jesse didn’t judge, either. He took a deep breath and clicked the triangle on the video thumbnail and made it full screen. The title filled the screen in muted purple bubble letters, and an animated sunrise cued the beginning of more warbly 80’s how-to video music. This quality was the worst yet, it looked like it was 144p from back in the day on youtube. A room faded into the shot, I squinted and it looked like maybe a doctor’s office. A man in a white lab coat entered the frame and waved jovially, greeting the viewers. At first I thought his face wasn’t moving, but I realized he was wearing a latex Ronald Reagan mask. I looked at Jesse. He looked at me, and we both turned back to the screen.
“Welcome. You’re here because you are having a pregnancy crisis, or you need money.” The figure nodded empathetically and laced his fingers together at his waist. “My name is Doctor Gooderham. If you’re here, it’s because you’ve been directed from a pregnancy crisis link, or a link advertising a method to earn $500,000 US dollars in bitcoin. No matter why you are here, I and my team of associates, can help.” Again his body language displayed remarkable empathy, even obfuscated by the lost video quality. This was a man that someone in a desperate situation could trust.
If it weren’t for that mask. That grinning mask.
“Here at Paradise Land, a remote island whose location is of course undisclosed, our mission is to use a hidden reset button on humanity, and grow a new society from the ground up based on love, acceptance, kindness, purity, communication, and sound moral values. We believe that a colony of children reared outside of any current global influence can be shaped into the beautiful vision we have for the world, as newborn children are clean slates who will readily accept the doctrine of kindness and love.” He spoke tenderly like a father to his children, but it sent chills down my spine.
Grain slid in repeating bars down the screen, and I watched the grinning mask explain that the Paradise Land organization would pay $500,000 US dollars to anyone worldwide who would give birth to an unregistered child in the presence of an organization member and allow that child to be taken to Paradise Land to become a member of the pure new society. He further explained that an organization member would be stationed in your city thirty days before your expected due date. They would be on call and ready at a moment’s notice to collect you and bring you to a comfortable hotel room with all necessary medical supplies to assist with the birthing process. I was shuddering. He said that then, the member would transfer the money, in bitcoin to you, you confirm it, and they leave with the child. Nobody ever knows that baby existed, and you never see them again. It chilled my belly.
“If you wish to know more information about Paradise Land please contact the email address shown on your screen now.” On cue a line of text appeared on the bottom of the frame: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Jesse wrote it down. “We would happily send you literature and footage of children flourishing at Paradise Land. Your baby will be happier here, in a world of purity and happiness. And you will be set for life!” The man nodded and the music crescendoed, signaling the ending of the video. “Please, contact the email address. We will both be happier, if we work together.” The camera slowly panned back while he said this last urgent farewell, fading back out to white.
I stared at the screen idiotically. Jesse just sat there and gave me my time to process it.
I still can’t process it. My sister’s been selling babies. Babies! What the fuck! I’ve been so distraught about the idea of my little nieces and nephews being sold that I can’t even think straight. What the hell would Mel even do with that much money? How does she even know how to use bitcoin? In my distress I told Jesse everything, the truth about how I came across the laptops. I told him that “Paradise Land” seemed like a huge crock to me.
“I know right. It’s too good to be true and the whole delivery is unnerving.”
“Listen this had kind of been a lot so I’m gonna go crash on the couch now if that’s okay?” Jesse gave me my blankets and pillows and I got comfy on the couch. I didn’t expect to be able to sleep, so I started to play word games on my phone. I fell asleep with it in my hand and woke up that way.
I called dad this morning and let him know I’d be coming home. He said Mel is still out, hasn’t been home yet. He sounds so worried. I feel so bad for him and I wish Mel would come home and stop this nonsense. So I walked back home and wrote what I can remember to update you guys. Thanks for all your comments, I feel like I’m not going through this alone.
Jesse said he would try to get into the second laptop today, and also contact the email address. I don’t know if I even want him to. I’m still reeling from today’s discoveries. In fact, I’m exhausted. I’ll lie down for a nap and then see if Jesse got any results.
If he does I’ll update you all tomorrow, if I can.
Part 3 here
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new england patriot has been created

By Katharine Brush Night Club PROMPTLY at quarter of ten P.M. Mrs. Brady descended the steps of the Elevated. She purchased from the newsdealer in the cubbyhole be- neath them a next month's magazine and an tomorrow morning's paper and, with these tucked under one plump arm, she walked. She walked two blocks north on Sixth Avenue; turned and went west. But not far west. Westward half a block only, to the place where the gay green awning marked "Club Français" paints a stripe of shade across the glimmer- ing sidewalk. Under the awning Mrs. Brady halted briefly, to remark to the six-foot doorman that it looked like rain and to await his perform- ance of his professional duty. When the small green door yawned open, she sighed deeply and plodded in. The foyer was a blackness, an air- less velvet blackness like the inside of a jeweler's box. Four drum-shaped lamps of golden silk suspended from the ceiling gave it light (a very little) and formed the jewels: gold signets, those, or cuff links for a giant. At the far end of the foyer there were black stair, faintly dusty, rippling upward toward an amber radiance. Mrs. Brady approached and ponderously mounted the stairs, clinging with one fist to the mangy velvet rope that railed their edge. From the top, Miss Lena Levin observed the ascent. Miss Levin was the checkroom girl. She had dark-at- the roots blonde hair and slender hips upon which, in moments of leisure, she wore her hands, like buckles of ivory loosely attached. This was a moment of leisure. Miss Levin waited behind her counter. Row upon row of hooks, empty as yet, and seeming to beckon——wee curved fingers of iron——waited be- hind her. "Late," said Miss Levin, "again." "Go wan!" said Mrs. Brady. "It's only ten to ten. Whew! Them stairs!" She leaned heavily, sideways, against Miss Levin's counter, and, applying one palm to the region of her heart, appeared at once to listen and to count. "Feel!" she cried then in a pleased voice. Miss Levin obediently felt. "Them stairs," continued Mrs. Brady darkly, "with my bad heart, will be the death of me. Whew! Well, dearie? What's the news?" "You got a paper," Miss Levin languidly reminded her. "Yeah!" agreed Mrs. Brady with sudden vehemence. "I got a paper!" She slapped it upon the counter. "An' a lot of time I'll get to read my paper, won't I now? On a Saturday night!" She moaned. "Other nights is bad enough, dear knows——but Saturday nights! How I dread 'em! Every Saturday night I say to my daughter, I say, 'Geraldine, I can't,' I say, 'I can't go through it again, an' that's all there is to it,' I say. 'I'll quit!' I say. An' I will, too!" added Mrs. Brady firmly, if indefinitely. Miss Levin, in defense of Saturday nights, mumbled some vague some- thing about tips. "Tips!" Mrs. Brady hissed it. She almost spat it. Plainly money was nothing, nothing at all, to this lady. "I just wish," said Mrs. Brady, and glared at Miss Levin, "I just wish you had to spend one Saturday night, just one in that dressing room! Bein' pushed an' stepped on and near knocked down by that gang of hussies, an' them orderin' an' bossin' you round like you was black, an' usin' your things an' then sayin' they're sorry, they got no change, they'll be back. Yeah! They never come back!" "There's Mr. Costello," whispered Miss Levin through lips that, like a ventriloquist's, scarcely stirred. "An' as I was sayin'," Mrs. Brady said at once brightly, "I got to leave you. Ten to ten, time I was on the job." She smirked at Miss Levin, nodded, and right-about-faced. There, indeed, Mr. Costello was. Mr. Billy Costello, manager, proprietor, monarch of all he surveyed. From the doorway of the big room where the little tables herded in a ring around the waxen floor, he surveyed Mrs. Brady, and in such a way that Mrs. Brady, momentarily forgetting her bad heart, walked fast, scurried faster, almost ran. The door of her domain was set politely in an alcove, beyond silken curtains looped up at the sides. Mrs. Brady reached it breathless, shoul- dered it open, and groped for the electric switch. Lights sprang up, a bright white blaze, intolerable for an instant to the eyes, like the sun on snow. Blinking, Mrs. Brady shut the door. The room was a spotless, white- tiled place, half beauty shop, half dressing room. Along one wall stood washstands, sturdy triplets in a row, balloons afloat above them. Against the opposite wall there was a couch. A third wall backed an elongated glass-topped dressing-table; and over the dressing-table and over the wash- stands long rectangular sheets of mirror reflected lights, doors, glossy tiles, lights multiplied. . . . Mrs. Brady moved across this glit- ter like a think dark cloud in a hurry. At the dressing table she came to a halt, and upon it she laid her news- paper, her magazine, and her purse ——a black purse worn gray with much clutching. She divested herself of a rusty black coat and a hat of the mushroom persuasion, and hung both up in a corner cupboard which she opened by means of one of a quite preposterous bunch of keys. From a nook in the cupboard she took down a lace-edged handkerchief with long streamers. She untied the streamers and tied them again around her chunky black alpaca waist. The handkerchief became an apron's baby cousin. Mrs. Brady relocked the cupboard door, fumbled her key ring over, and unlocked a capacious drawer of the dressing table. She spread a fresh towel on the plate-glass top, in the geometrical center, and upon the towel she arranged with care a pro- cession of things fished from the drawer. Things for the hair. Things for the complexion. Tings for the eyes, the lashes, the brows, the lips, and the fingernails. Things in boxes and things in jars and things in tubes and tins. Also an ash tray, matches pins, a tiny sewing kit, a pair of scissors. Last of all, a hand-printed sign, a nudging sort of sign: NOTICE! THESE ARTICLES, PLACED HERE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE MAID. And directly beneath the sign, prop- ping it up against the looking glass, a china saucer, in which Mrs. Brady now slyly laid decoy money: two quarters and two dimes, in four- leaf-clover formation. Another drawer of the dressing table yielded a bottle of Bromo- seltzer, a bottle of aromatic spirits of ammonia, a tin of sodium bicar- bonate, and a teaspoon. These were lined up on a shelf above the couch. Mrs. Brady was ready for anything. And (from the grim, thin pucker of her mouth) expecting it. Music came to her ears. Rather, the beat of music, muffled, rhythmic, remote. Umpa-um, umpa-um, umpa- um-umm——Mr. "Fiddle" Baer and his band, hard at work on the first fox- trot of the night. It was teasing, foot- tapping music; but the large solemn feet of Mrs. Brady were still. She sat on the couch and opened her newspaper; and for some moments she read uninterruptedly, with spe- cial attention to the murders, the divorces, the breaches of promise, the funnies. Then the door swung inward, ad- mitting a blast of Mt. Fiddle Baer's best, a whiff of perfume, and a girl. Mrs. Brady put her paper away. The girl was petite and darkly beautiful; wrapped in fur and mounted on tall jeweled heels. She entered humming the ragtime song the orchestra was playing, and while she stood near the dressing table, stripping off her gloves, she con- tinued to hum it softly to her self: Oh, I know my baby loves me, I can tell my baby loves me. Here the dark girl got the left glove off, and Mrs. Brady glimpsed a platinum wedding ring. 'Cause there ain't no maybe In my baby's Eyes. The right glove came off. The dark little girl sat down in one of the chairs that faced the dressing table. She doffed her wrap, casting it care- lessly over the chair back. It had a cloth-of--gold lining, and the name of a Paris house was embroidered in curlicues on the label. Mrs. Brady hovered solicitously near. The dark little girl, still humming looked over the articles. "placed here for your convenience," and picked up the scissors. Having cut off a very small hangnail with the air of one performing a perilous major oper- ation, she seized and used the mani- cure buffer, and after that the eye- brow pencil. Mrs. Brady's mind, hopefully calculating the tip, jumped and jumped again like a taxi meter. Oh, I know my baby loves me——— The dark little girl applied powder and lipstick belonging to herself. She examined the result searchingly in the mirror and sat back, satisfied. She cast some silver Klink! Klink! into Mrs. Brady's saucer, and half rose. Then remembering something, she settled down again. The ensuing thirty seconds were spent by her in pulling off her platinum wedding ring, tying it in a corner of a lace handkerchief, and tucking the handkerchief down the bodice of her tight white velvet gown. "There!" she said. She swooped up her wrap and trotted toward the door, jeweled heels merrily twinkling. 'Cause there ain't no maybe——— The door fell shut. Almost instantly it opened again, and another girl came in. A blonde, this. She was very pretty in a round-eyed, doll-like way; but Mrs. Brady, re- garding her, mentally grabbed the spirits of ammonia bottle. For she looked terribly ill. The round eyes were dull, the pretty silly little face was drawn. The thin hands, picking at the fastenings of a specious beaded bag, trembled and twitched. Mrs. Brady cleared her throat. "Can I do something for you, miss?" Evidently the blonde girl had be- lieved herself alone in the dressing room. She started violently and glanced up, panic in her eyes. Panic, and something else. Something very like murderous hate——but for an in- stant only, so that Mrs. Brady, whose perceptions were never quick, missed it altogether. "A glass of water?" suggested Mrs. Brady. "No," said the girl, "no." She had one hand in the beaded bag now. Mrs. Brady could see it moving, causing the bag to squirm like a live thing and the fringe to shiver. "Yes!" she cried abruptly. "A glass of water ——please——you get it for me." She dropped on to the couch. Mrs. Brady scurried to the water cooler in the corner, pressed the spigot with a determined thumb. Water trickled out thinly. Mrs. Brady pressed harder, and scowled, and thought, "Something's wrong with this thing. I mustn't forget, next time I see Mr. Costello———" When again she faced her patient, the patient was sitting erect. She was thrusting her clenched hand back into the beaded bag again. She took only a sip of the water, but it seemed to help her quite miraculously. Almost at once color came to her cheeks, life to her eyes. She grew young again——as young as she was. She smiled up at Mrs. Brady. "Well!" she exclaimed. "What do you know about that!" She shook her honey-colored head. "I can't imagine what came over me." "Are you better now?" inquired Mrs. Brady. Yes. Oh, yes, I'm better now. You see," said the blonde girl confiden- tially, "we were at the theater, my boy friend and I, and it was hot and stuffy——I guess that must have been the trouble." She paused, and the ghost of her recent distress crossed her face. God! I thought that last act never would end!" she said. While she attended to her hair and complexion, she chattered gaily to Mrs. Brady, chattering on with scarcely a stop for breath, and laughed much. She said, among other things, that she and her "boy friend" had not known one another very long, but that she was "ga-ga" about him. "He is about me, too," she con- fessed. "He thinks I'm grand." She fell silent then, and in the looking glass her eyes were shad- owed, haunted. But Mrs. Brady, from where she stood, could not see the looking glass; and half a minute later the blonde girl laughed and began again. When she went out she seemed to dance out on winged feet; and Mrs. Brady, sighing, thought it must be nice to be young . . . and happy like that. The next arrivals were two. A tall, extremely smart young woman in black chiffon entered first, and held the door open for her companion; and the instant the door was shut, she said, as though it had been on the tip of her tongue for hours, "Amy, what under the sun hap- pened?" Amy, who was brown-eyed, brown-bobbed-haired, and patently annoyed about something, crossed to the dressing table an flopped into a chair before she made a reply. "Nothing," she said wearily then. "That's nonsense!" snorted the other. "Tell me. Was it something she said? She's a tactless ass, of course. Always was." "No, not anything she said. It was———" Amy bit her lip. "All right! I'll tell you. Before we left your apartment I just happened to notice that Tom had disappeared. So I went to look for him——I wanted to ask him if he'd remembered to tell the maid where we were going—— Skippy's subject to croup, you know, and we always leave word. Well, so I went into the kitchen, thinking Tom might be there mixing cock- tails——and there he was——and there she was!" The full red mouth of the other young woman pursed itself slightly. Her arched brows lifted. "Well?" Her matter-of-factness appeared to infuriate Amy. "He was kissing her!" she flung out. "Well?" said the other again. She chuckled softly and patted Amy's shoulder, as if it were the shoulder of a child. "You're surely not going to let that spoil your whole evening? Any dear! Kissing may once have been serious and significant——but it isn't nowadays. Nowadays, it's like shaking hands. It means nothing." But Amy was not consoled. "I hate her!" she cried desperately. "Redheaded thing! Calling me 'darling' and 'honey,' and s-sending me handkerchiefs for C-Christmas—— and then sneaking off behind closed doors and k-kissing my h-h-hus- band———" At this point Amy broke down, but she recovered herself sufficiently to add with venom, "I'd like to slap her!" "Oh, oh, oh," smiled the tall young woman, "I wouldn't do that!" Amy wiped her eyes with what might well have been one of the Christmas handkerchiefs, and con- fronted her friend. "Well, what would you do, Vera? If you were I?" "I'd forget it," said Vera, "and have a good time. I'd kiss somebody myself. You've no idea how much better you'd feel!" I don't do———" Amy began in- dignantly; but as the door behind her opened a third young woman ——redheaded, ear-ringed, exquisite—— lilted in, she changed her tone. "Oh, hello!" she called sweetly, beaming at the newcomer via the mirror. "We were wondering what had become of you!" The redheaded girl, smiling easily back, dropped her cigarette on the floor and crushed it out wit a silver shod toe. "Tom and I were talking to Fiddle Baer," she explained. "He's going to play 'Clap Yo' Hands' next, because it's my favorite. Lend me a comb, will you?" "There's a comb there," said Vera, indicating Mrs. Brady's business comb. "But imagine using it!" murmured the redheaded girl. "Amy, darling, haven't you one?" Amy produced a tiny comb from her rhinestone purse. "Don't forget to bring it when you come," she said, and stood up. "I'm going on out, I want to tell Tom something." She went. The redheaded young woman and the tall black-chiffon one were alone, except for Mrs. Brady. The red- headed one beaded her incredible lashes. The tall one, the one called Vera, sat watching her." And Sylvia looked. Anybody, addressed in that tone, would have. "There is one thing," Vera went on quietly, holding the other's eyes "that I want understood. And that is, 'Hands off!' Do you hear me?" "I know what you mean." "You know what I mean!" The redheaded girl shrugged her shoulders. "Amy told you she saw us, I suppose." Precisely. And," went on Vera, gathering up her possessions and rising, "as I said before, you're to keep away." Her eyes blazed sudden white-hot rage. "Because, as you very well know, he belongs to me," she said, and departed, slamming the door. Between eleven o'clock and one Mrs. Brady was very busy indeed. Never for more than a moment during those two hours was the dressing room empty. Often it was jammed, full to overflowing with curled cropped heads, with ivory arms and shoulders, with silk and lace and chiffon, with legs. The door flapped in and back, in the back. The mirrors caught and held——and lost—— a hundred different faces. Powder veiled the dressing table with a thin white dust; cigarette stubs, scarlet at the tip, choked the ash receiver. Dimes and quarter clattered into Mrs. Brady's saucer——and were transferred to Mrs. Brady's purse. The original seventy cents remained. That much, and no more, would Mrs. Brady gamble on the integrity of womankind. She earned her money. She threaded needles and took stitches. She powdered the backs of necks. She supplied towels for soapy, drip- ping hands. She removed a speck from a teary blue eye and pounded the heel on a slipper. She curled the struggling ends of a black bob and a gray bob, pinned a velvet flower on a lithe round waist, mixed three doses of bicarbonate of soda, took charge of a shed pink-satin girdle, collected, on hands and knees, sev- eral dozen fake pearls that had wept from a broken string. She served chorus girls and school- girls, gay young matrons and gayer young mistresses, a lady who had divorced four husbands, and a lady who had poisoned one, the secret (more or less) sweetheart of a Most Distinguished Name, and the Brains of a bootleg gang. . . . She saw things. She saw a yellow check, with the ink hardly dry. She saw four tiny bruises, such as fingers might make, on an arm. She saw a girl strike another girl, not playfully. She saw a bundle of letter some man wished he had not written, safe and deep in a brocaded handbag. About midnight the door flew open and at once was pushed shut, and a gray-eyed, lovely child stood backed against it, her palms flattened on the panels at her sides, the dra- peries of her white chiffon gown settling lightly to rest around her. There were already five damsels of varying ages in the dressing room. The latest arrival marked their pres- ence with a flick of her eyes and, standing just where she was, she called peremptorily, "Maid!" Mrs. Brady, standing just where she was, said, "Yes, miss?" "Please come here," said the girl. Mrs. Brady, as slowly as she dared, did so. The girl lowered her voice to a tense half whisper. "Listen! Is there any way I can get out of here except through this door I came in?" Mrs. Brady stared at her stupidly. "Any window?" persisted the girl. "Or anything?" Here they were interrupted by the exodus of two of the damsels-of- varying-ages, Mrs. Brady opening the door for them——and in so doing caught a glimpse of the man who waited in the hall outside, a debonair, old-young man with a girl's furry wrap hung over his arm, and his hat in his hand. The door clicked. The gray-eyed girl moved out from the wall, against which she had flattened herself——for all the world like one eluding pursuit in a cinema. "What about the window?" she demanded, pointing. "That's all the farther it opens," said Mrs. Brady. "Oh! And it's the only one——isn't it?" "It is." "Damn," said the girl. "Then there's no way out?" "No way but the door," said Mrs. Brady testily. The girl looked at the door. She seemed to look through the door, and to despise and to fear what she saw. Then she looked at Mrs. Brady. "Well," she said, "then I s'pose the only thing for me to do is to stay in here." She stayed. Minutes ticked by. Jazz crooned distantly, stopped, struck up again. Other girls came and went. Still the gray-eyed girl sat on the couch, with her back to the wall and her shapely legs crossed smoking cigarettes, one from the stub of another. After a long while she said, "Maid!" "Yes, miss?" "Peek out that door, will you, and see if there's anyone standing there." Mrs. Brady peeked, and reported that there was. There was a gentle- man with a little bit of a black mustache standing there. The same gentleman, in fact, who was stand- ing there "just after you came in." "Oh, Lord," sighed the gray-eyed girl. "Well . . . I can't stay here all night, that's one sure thing." She slid off the couch, and went listlessly to the dressing table. There she occupied herself for a minute or two. Suddenly, without a word, she darted out. Thirty seconds later Mrs. Brady was elated to find two crumpled one- dollar bills lying in the saucer. Her joy, however, died a premature death. For she made an almost si- multaneous second discovery. A a sad- dening one. Above all, a puzzling one. "Now what for," marveled Mrs. Brady, "did she want to walk off with them scissors?" This at twelve-twenty-five. At twelve-thirty a quartet of ex- cited young things burst in, babbling madly. All of them had their evening wraps about them; all talked at once. One of them, a Dresden-china girl with a heart-shaped face, was the center of attraction. Around her the rest fluttered like monstrous butter- flies; to her they addressed their shrill exclamatory cries. "Babe," they called her. Mrs. Brady heard snatches: "Not in this state unless . . ." "Well, you can in Maryland, Jimmy says." "Oh, there must be some place nearer than . . ." "Isn't this marvelous?" "When did it happen, Babe? When did you decide?" "Just now," the girl with the heart- shaped face sang softly, "when we were dancing." The babble resumed, "But listen, Babe, what'll your mother and father . . . ?" "Oh, never mind, let's hurry." "Shall we be warm enough with just these thin wraps, do you think? Babe, will you be warm enough? Sure?" Powder flew and little pocket combs marched through bright mar- cels. Flushed cheeks were painted pinker still. "My pearls," said Babe, "are old. And my dress and my slippers are new. Now, let's see——what can I borrow?" A lace handkerchief, a diamond bar pin, a pair of earrings were proffered. She chose the bar pin, and its owner unpinned it proudly, gladly. "I've got blue garters!" exclaimed a shrill little girl in a silver dress. "Give me one, then," directed Babe. "I'll trade with you. . . . There! That fixes that." More babbling, "Hurry! Hurry up!" . . . "Listen are you sure we'll be warm enough? Because we can stop at my house, there's nobody home." "Give me that puff, Babe, I'll powder your back." "And just to think a week ago you;d never even met each other!" "Oh, hurry up, let's get started!" "I'm ready." "So'm I." "Ready, Babe? You look ador- able." "Come on, everybody." They were gone again, and then dressing room seemed twice as still and vacant as before. A minute of grace, during which Mrs. Brady wiped the spilled pow- der away with a damp gray rag. Then the door jumped open again. Two evening gowns appeared and made for the dressing table in a bee line. Slim tubular gowns they were, one green, one palest yellow. Yel- low hair went wit the green gown, brown hair with the yellow. The green-gowned, yellow-haired girl wore gardenias on her left shoulder, four of them, and a flashing bracelet on each fragile wrist. The other girl looked less prosperous; still, you would rather have looked at her. Both ignored Mrs. Brady's cos- metic display as utterly as they ignored Mrs. Brady, producing full field equipment of their own. "Well," said the girl with gar- denias, rouging energetically, "how do you like him?" "Oh-h——all right." "Meaning, 'Not any,' hmm? I sus- pected as much!" The girl with gardenians turned in her chair and scanned her companion's profile with disapproval. "See here, Marilee," she drawled, "are you going to be a damn fool all your life?" "He's fat," said Marilee dreamily. "Fat, and——greasy, sort of. I mean greasy in his mind. Don't you know what I mean?" "I know one thing," declared the other. "I know Who He Is! And if I were you, that's all I'd need to know. Under the circumstances." The last three words, stressed meaningly, affected the girl called Marilee curiously. She grew grave. Her lips and lashes drooped. For some seconds she sat frowning a little, breaking a black-sheathed lip- stick in two and fitting it together again. "She's worse," she said finally, low. "Worse?" Marilee nodded. "Well," said the girl with gar- denias, "there you are. It's the climate. She'll never be anything but worse, if she doesn't get away. Out West. Arizona or somewhere." "I know," murmured Marilee. The other girl opened a tin of eye shadow. "Of course," she said dryly, "suit yourself. She's not my sister." Marilee said nothing. Quiet she sat, breaking the lipstick, mending it, breaking it. "Oh, well," she breathed finally, wearily, and straightened up. She propped her elbows on the plate- glass dressing-table top and leaned toward the mirror, and with the lip- stick she began to make her coral- pink mouth very red and gay and reckless and alluring. Nightly at one o'clock Vane and Moreno dance for the Club Français. They dance a tango, they dance a waltz; then, by way of encore, they do a Black Bottom, and a trick of their own called the Wheel. They dance for twenty, thirty minutes. And while they dance you do not leave your table——for this is what you came to see. Vane and Moreno. The new New York thrill. The sole justifica- tion for the five-dollar couvert ex- torted by Billy Costello. From one until half-past, then, was Mrs. Brady's recess. She had been looking forward t it all the eve- ning long. When it began——when the opening chords of the tango music sounded stirringly from the room outside——Mrs. Brady brightened. With a right good will she sped the parting guests. Alone, she unlocked her cupboard and took out her magazine——the magazine she had bought three hours before. Heaving a great breath of relief and satisfaction, she plumped herself on the couch and fingered the pages. Immediately she was absorbed, her eyes drinking up the printed lines, her lips moving soundlessly. The magazine was Mrs. Brady's favorite. Its stories were true stories, taken from life (so the editor said); and to Mrs. Brady they were live, vivid threads in the dull, drab pat- tern of her night. 
From Harper's Bazaar of September, 1927. Copyright, 1927, by Katharine Brush. From A Treasury of Short Stories. Edited by Bernardine Kielty. Copyright, 1947, Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York; pp. 655—663.
یہ آپ کی جگہ ہے ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ حسن سلوک کرو۔ [♘] [♰] [☮]
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Grindabuck pays you $1.00 just for signing up - Minimum cashout is only $10.00

1. What is Grindabuck?

Grindabuck is an online rewards club that allows you to earn real rewards by completing simple tasks, taking surveys, completing offers, shopping, participating in contests, trying out products, watching videos, listening to music and much more!.
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7. Can other people in my house join?

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You are not allowed to use a Proxy or Virtual Network (VN), we will ban accounts that do.
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The best crypto and blockchain podcasts of 2019

For anyone who it interested in learning more about investing, crypto, finance, blockchain, and entrepreneurship can checkout this list I made of the top podcasts to follow in 2019 with some selected episodes chosen from each one:

Off The Chain With Anthony Pompliano
Host Anthony Pompliano talks to some of the most respected names in crypto and Wall Street to find out how intelligent investors from the new and old financial system are thinking about digital assets.
Top Episodes:
CZ, Founder and CEO of Binance: Binance and the Future of Global Crypto Regulation
Murad Mahmudov: The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument
Travis Kling: The Secrets of A Crypto Trader

Unchained: Your No-Hype Resource for All Things Crypto
This weekly, hour-long podcast with host Laura Shin dives deep into the people building the decentralized internet, the details of this technology that could underpin our future, and some of the thorniest topics in crypto, such as regulation, security and privacy.
Top Episodes:
Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, On The Big Guy vs. The Little Guy
Naval Ravikant On How Crypto Is Squeezing VCs, Hindering Regulators, and Bringing Users Choice
Blockchain 101 with Andreas Antonoloulos

What Grinds My Gears
From Meltem Demirors and Jill Carlson, What Grinds My Gears is a podcast about the bizarre and buzzworthy happenings in the world of cryptocurrency. Each week, they delve into one key theme in crypto, and examine this theme through a broader financial, political, and cultural lens to learn from the past, understand the present, and explore the future.
Top Episodes:
An Unfetted Orgy Of Capitalism
It’s All About The DEX, Baby!
Tarred & Tethered

What Bitcoin Did
Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, a new class of Crypto assets built using the innovative design of the blockchain is disrupting technology and financial markets. In this podcast you will hear host Peter McCormack speak with crypto traders, miners, venture capitalist, investors, technical developers, CEOs, journalist and other people driving forward the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Link To Listen
Top Episodes:
Andreas Antonopoulos: What Happens When Bitcoin Takes Over?
Peter Van Valkenburg on Lightning & The Law
Tuur Demeester on Why Bitcoin Is In Heavy Accumulation

Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem
Host Charlie Shrem dives deep into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders. A focus on personal stories weaves together a nuanced, untold narrative of how the crypto movement truly came to be.
Top Episodes:
J. Maurice “Wiz” — The Real Story of Mt. Gox & How to Become a Self-Sovereign Bitcoin Miner
Arianna Simpson — Why Founders Shouldn’t Think About an Exit & Becoming BitGo’s 3rd Employee
Steven Nerayoff — Crypto as a Disruptive Technology & Governments Debasing Their Own Currencies

Tales From The Crypt
Tales from the Crypt is a podcast hosted by Marty Bent about Bitcoin. Join Marty, Editor in Chief of “the best newsletter in crypto”, as he sits down to discuss Bitcoin with interesting people.
Top Episodes:
Tales from the Crypt: Pierre Rochard Pt. I
Tales from the Crypt #3: Santiago Siri
Tales from the Crypt Ep1: The History of Bitcoin Pt. 1

The Token Daily with Soona Amhaz
Host soona amhaz sits down with the movers and shakers of the crypto industry to discuss the big ideas they spend their days thinking about. Soona and her guests examine everything from industry trends, to what books they’re reading, to human psychology and investing.
Top Episodes:
Taylor Pearson, Author of The End of Jobs: Markets Are Eating the World
Dani Grant, Analyst at Union Square Ventures: The VC Outlook on Crypto’s Trends and Future
Tony Sheng, Independent Analyst: A Writer’s Take on Bitcoin Lore

The Flippening
Flippening is for cryptocurrency investors. Each week host Clay Collins discusses the cryptocurrency economy, new investment strategies for maximizing returns, and stories from the front lines of financial disruption. Flippening is for a new class of investors that were not part of the financial services world before bitcoin, but got into the finance because of their passion for cryptoassets, blockchain, altcoins, and distributed ledger technology.
Top Episodes:
Strategies for Accumulating BTC (Instead of USD) w/ Tuur Demeester from Adamant Capital
The Economics of Cryptoasset Markets w/ Professor Stephen McKeon
Bootstrapping A Crypto Nation State From Scratch, w/ Eric Meltzer of INBlockchain

The Chain Reaction Podcast
Host Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital converses with the top names in crypto and blockchain.
Top Episodes:
ConsenSys’ Joe Lubin: Ethereum’s Competition Isn’t Even Close
Delphi Digital’s March Analyst Call — Ethereum, Enjin and Our Short Term Bitcoin Outlook
Vision Hill Group’s Scott Army: Digital Asset Management of the Future

a16z Podcast
The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future — especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm.
Top Episodes:
What Time Is It? From Technical to Product to Sales CEO
Principles and Algorithms for Work and Life
Five Open Problems Toward Building a Blockchain Computer

Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto
Events in crypto take place at warp speed. This weekly crypto podcast reveals how the marquee names in crypto are reacting to the week’s top headlines. With host Laura Shin, the guests also discuss what they’re thinking about these days and reveal what they believe is on the horizon in crypto. Disclosure: Laura is a nocoiner.
Top Episodes:
To the Moon and Back With Polychain’s Olaf Carlson-Wee
Don Wilson of DRW Holdings on What’s Been Driving 2018’s Crypto Downturn
Hu Liang of Omniex on What Institutional Players Are Planning to Do in Crypto

The Unhashed Podcast
Unhashed breaks down the latest in Bitcoin news and developments and puts them into terms everyone can understand. Expect to be both entertained and educated about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. How do hardware wallets work and do they really keep you safe? Which crypto exchanges pose the greatest risk to the bitcoin ecosystem? Does Litecoin help or hinder bitcoin development? Expect the answers to these and many other questions from the Unhashed professionals offering different perspectives to all the blockchain issues you care about!
Top Episodes:
The Very Rich, Very Patient Binance Hacker
Bitcoin Goes High Fidelity
Initiating Unhash

The Scoop
The Block’s team, led by Frank Chaparro, draw out the freshest and deepest insights about digital assets from traditional Wall Street, crypto native, Fortune 500 and many other crypto ecosystem leaders. It’s light, fun and informative brain food!
Top Episodes:
A Conversation with Mark Yusko, CEO and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management
A Conversation with Stephen Palley, Partner at Anderson Kill
A Conversation with Emilie Choi, VP Business and Data, Coinbase

Base Layer
Base Layer with host David Nage will be providing insights from founders and investors in the base layer of cryptoassets. Simplifying complex projects and the technology being developed, from interoperability to relayers and more — who is building the future, why are they and how are they doing it.
Top Episodes:
Base Layer Episode 028 — Zaki Manian (SkuChain, Cosmos, Tendermint)
Base Layer Episode 026 — Diogo Monica (Co — Founder, Anchorage)
Base Layer Episode 032 — Alexander Skidanov (NEAR)

Blockchain Innovation: Interviewing The Brightest Minds In Blockchain
Blockchain Innovation is where host Frederick Munawa interviews the brightest minds in Blockchain and cryptocurrency — entrepreneurs, executives, and top academics — to discuss present and future applications of Blockchain Technology. Why? To determine how Blockchain can be used to increase profits, cut costs, and disrupt traditional industries and business models — so you can borrow their strategies, tools, and tactics for your own success. Join Frederick every Tuesday to learn how the brightest minds in Blockchain are pushing the envelope with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and token sales, public blockchains, private blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, smart contracts, and much more.
Top Episodes:
Why Bitcoin Should Hard Fork With Roger Ver
How Blockchain Assets Are Changing The World With Erik Voorhees
Blockchain Meets Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Ben Goertzel

Blockchain Insider
Blockchain Insider, hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin Platt is a dedicated podcast specializing in Bitcoin, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Simon and Colin break down the week’s news with expertise and enthusiasm for the blockchain and digital currency sector. Since the price of Bitcoin has rocketed, and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have become household names, Blockchain Insider has charted their rise in a way that’s accessible to new listeners.
Top Episodes:
Ep. 42. Santander Makes Ripples and Charles Hoskinson Shares His Vision of Cardano
Ep. 27. XRP’s Ripple effect and Blockchain use cases
Ep. 43. Sexism in Crypto, Pornhub takes Verge, and Binance Denies the Dollar

Let’s Talk Crypto
Have you ever heard of digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and buzzwords like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining? Don’t know what it all means or how to get started? Let’s Talk Crypto with Barry Moore and Tom Galeski breaks it all down in easy to understand terms and helps you “learn and earn” in the age of cryptocurrencies.
Top Episodes:
006: Altcoins
017: Fiat & Crypto
010: Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake

Blockchain 2025
Blockchain is a technology that will disrupt nearly every industry. Host Matt Aaron and Blake Moore explore one industry in every episode. How will blockchain change art, music, or online advertising? What projects are already underway? Listen & find out.
Top Episodes:
Online Ads — Publishers and Advertisers vs. Centralized Platforms
Music Biz — Can Artists Have More Money + Freedom?
Crypto Debit Cards — A Bridge to the Future? TenX, Monaco, Comit

IBM Blockchain Pulse
Host and blockchain-evangelist Matt Hooper engages with the planet’s most dynamic blockchain thought-leaders, explorers and innovators to discover the countless new ways blockchain is leaping from theory to reality: From entertainment to identity, from payments to secure supply-chain transparency.
Top Episodes:
Making Cross-Border Payments Seamless — IBM Blockchain and Stellar’s Collaboration That is Bringing Commercial Payments to the Financial World
A Blockchain Origin Story and Enabling Complete Ownership With Blockchain
The Future of Protecting Your Wallet and Identity: Blockchain Identity and Digital Credentials, with Adam Gunther and Drummond Reed

Messari’s Unqualified Opinions
Unqualified Opinions is a podcast hosted by Messari’s CEO Ryan Selkis featuring candid, fast-paced interviews with crypto’s top builders and investors.
Top Episodes:
Bill Barhydt, CEO & Founder of Abra
Anthony Pompliano, Founder at Morgan Creek Digital
Unlock Protocol CEO Julien Genestoux
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The Importance of a Libra Lightning Swap

Libra is an exciting, new digital currency that has garnered much attention due to its association with the tech giant Facebook. However, there is much more to Libra and its future than what is seen in news headlines and social media feeds.
Although the technology for Libra was designed by Facebook, the currency itself will be issued by the Libra Association. This association hopes Libra will become a “global, digitally native, reserve-backed cryptocurrency” that allows for a more inclusive global financial system. Built using secure blockchain technology, Libra is a stable coin backed by a reserve of assets to ensure that the coin’s value does not fluctuate dramatically. It will be independently governed by the Libra Association — free from all federal governments.
So why should you pay attention to Libra?
The Libra Association is not just partners with Facebook; members of the association include numerous corporations and nonprofit organizations that are at the forefronts of their respective fields.
Whether you book a ride on Uber or Lyft, stay in a hotel found through one of Booking Holdings’ many travel search engines, listen to music on Spotify, shop on eBay, or make payments with Visa or PayPal, your world will be filled with powerful organizations using Libra.
Therefore, a Libra lightning swap is crucial. A Libra lightning swap will integrate Libra into the larger economy by allowing users to easily and cheaply exchange it with numerous other currencies.
TrustlessBank has created the first crypto wallet that is capable of Libra lightning swaps. The software executes atomic swaps, which are smart contracts that eliminate the need for centralized intermediaries controlling monetary exchanges. Atomic swaps can occur directly on several different blockchains or off-chain.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Alice in Toronto sees a rare toy car on a Chinese commerce website. The seller is Mr. Bao in Beijing.
  2. Alice earns part of her salary as a Lyft driver in Libra because Lyft is a founding member of the Libra Association. However, Libra was banned in China, so Mr. Bao can only accept Bitcoin for online payments.
  3. Alice and Mr. Bao both use TrustlessBank wallets, so Alice goes onto her account and indicates that she wants to pay Mr. Bao in Libra and he wants to receive payment in Bitcoin.
  4. The app uses its decentralized, peer-to-peer network to identify another user, who will provide Bitcoin in exchange for Libra.
  5. The Bitcoin is sent to Mr. Bao, who ships the toy car to Alice.
Libra, with its high-profile corporate backers and strong brand recognition, maybe cryptocurrency’s ticket into mainstream commerce. However, because of its association with Facebook (with its many data privacy blunders and political controversies), many people may not be comfortable using this new currency. In addition, several governments have indicated that they are concerned about its potential impact on the global financial system and are considering placing limitations on its use. By having a fast, secure, decentralized way to convert among various currencies, we can integrate users of Libra into the global financial system and ensure greater convenience for all consumers.
Check out a cool way this app implements the libra lightning swap!
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Dr. Seuss's The Lucio (or How I learned to Stop Overextending and Love the Tank)

At the far end of the queue, where the Genjis go pro
And the Bastion and Widow mains all really blow
And no one ever plays anything but Hanzo
Lies the street of the Lifted Lucio
And deep in the solo queue some people say
If you look deep enough you can still see today
Where that Lucio once stood, just as long as he could
Until somebody lifted the Lucio away
Who played the Lucio? Did he play fair?
And why was he banned from servers everywhere?
In the solo queue where the Widow mains blow
The old Reap-ler still lives there Ask himhe knows
You won't see the Reap-ler; Don't message him, he'll ignore
He stays in his comp rank With his top-level score
He lurks in his comp games; cold under the skill roof
And unboxes loot boxes—to his skill, was it proof
And on special holiday updates and events he sneaks
Into the queue, and sometimes he speaks
And he tells how the Lucio was lifted away
He'll tell you perhaps—if you're willing to pay
At the end of his IP he lets down a bitcoin pail
And you have to toss in fifteen boxes, and say "Hail!"
And pledge your allegiance to the Talon, and subscribe for their mail
Then he closes the pail, makes a most careful count
To see that you've paid him the proper amount
Then he hides what you've paid him away in his snuvv
His inter dimensional hole—in his gruvvulous glove
Then he says: "I will message you by Skype-a-ma-phone
For the words that I tell are for your ears alone"
BLOOP! Up bloops the skype-a-ma-phone to your ear
And the words of the Reap-ler are not very clear
For they have to be transmitted through electronic rows
And he sounds like he has edgy teens in his nose
"Now"—says the Reap-ler, his mask stained grey
—"I will tell how the Lucio was lifted away."
It all started way back—such a long, long time back...
When the queue was pristine
And the matches well met
And the rounds all played clean
And the voice lines for ultimate rang out in space
One morning I played in this glorious place
And I first saw the Cheese! The character spam Cheese!
Match after match in the Hanamura breeze.
Above the Cheese were the heavy Tank-a-loots
Soaking up bullets in their heavy armor suits
As they played all day healed by support class fruits
From the glorious back row came the metallic sound
Of Zenyatta's healing while Zenning around
But that Cheese! That Cheese! That character spam Cheese!
All my life I'd been searching for this strategy
The ease of its execution was simpler than cake
And the feeling of winning? Like diving in a lake.
I felt a great leaping of joy in my heart
I knew just what I'd do; I jumped on the payload cart.
In no time at all I had readied the comp
And I chopped down an enemy team in one romp
With great aiming skill and quick moving speed
I took out that team—and I earned EXP!
The instant it was over I heard a blu-zawn!
I looked; I saw something come out of the spawn
Of the team I had beaten: a Brazilian man
Describe him? That's easy; let's start with his cans.
They were greyish, his clothes greenish
His hair brownish and long
And he played beautiful music
That rung like a gong
"Newbie!" he said, with a slight hint of sleaze
"I am the Lucio; I speak 'gainst the Cheese;
I speak 'gainst the Cheese, for the Cheese is no fun.
And I'm asking you sir, at the top of my lung:"
He seemed quite salty as he juked and he jived
"Look, Lucio" I said. "There's no cause for alarm;
I took out one team, I am doing no harm
I'm being quite competitive. This stuff is EXP.
EXP's a fine thing all good players need."
"It shows skill, it shows aim, it shows smarts, it shows tact
But it has other uses, aye, far beyond that
You can use it for boasting, showing authority—
For bragging round forums indiscriminately."
The Lucio said "SIR! You are crazy with greed.
There's no player on earth who cares about EXP."
But the very next second I proved he was wrong
For just at that moment a McRee came along
And he thought that my EXP and level were great!
He happily rated me at 198.
I laughed at the Lucio. "You poor stupid guy!
You never can tell what stories people will buy!"
"I repeat!" cried the Lucio. "I speak against Cheese!"
"I'm busy" I told him; "Go die if you please."
My mouse rushed cross the screen and in no time at all
Clicked the INVITE FRIEND button. I sent out some calls.
I called all my friends and my brother, Lance.
And I said "Listen here! Here's a wonderful chance
for the whole Reap-ler family to get mighty rich!
Get over here fast! Hit join group, just click!
Turn up your sound, hit that audio switch."
And in no time at all, in the team I had built
The whole Reap-ler family was Cheesing full tilt
We were all crushing teams, just as busy as bees
To the sound of the chopping of fledgling team dreams
Then... Oh! Baby! Oh! How my level did grow!
Now, fighting one team at a time was too slow.
So I quickly invented the Overwatch hacker
Which won you three games at once with one smacker
We were crushing teams four times faster than before!
And that Lucio? He didn't show up anymore
But by the next update, he messaged my office door
He snapped. "I'm the Lucio who speaks for these teams
Who you seem to be crushing as fast as you please
But I'm also in charge of the heavy Tank-a-loots
Who soaked up bullets in their armor suits
As they happily played healed by healing fruits"
"NOW! Thanks to your hacking these games to the ground
There's not enough Mercy and Ana to go around
And my poor Tank-A-Loots are all getting the crummies
Because they have bullets, not victory, in their tummies."
"They loved playing here—but they don't want to stay.
They'll find a new game—and I hope that they may.
Good luck, boys!" He cried as he whisked then away.
I, the Reap-ler felt sad as I watched them all go.
BUT... Levels are levels, and levels must grow!
Regardless of bullets in tummies, you know.
I meant no harm, I most truly did not
But I had to get bigger so bigger I got!
I biggered my weapons. I biggered the roads
I biggered control points. I biggered payloads
For the wins I was winning I was sending them forth!
Swept the south! Swept the east! Swept the west! Swept the north!
I went right on biggering, gaining EXP
Which every, every, every pro needs
Then again, he came back! I was beating some tykes
When that old nuisance Lucio came back with MORE GRIPES!
"I am the Lucio!" He juked and he jived
He dodged and he dove; he threw and he thrived
"Reap-ler!" He cried with a high C note
"Reap-ler! Your making the balance so broke
My poor ultimate, why, it can no longer heal folks!
No one can be good when the game is all broke."
"And so," said the Lucio. "Please pardon my scoff
These cannot function, Blizzard's cutting them off
What will we do?
I don't know, do you?
They may have to rework them for a month or a year
To fix up the balance you've unbalanced around here."
"WHATS MORE!" Screamed the Lucio (He sounded like a hag)
"Let me say a few words about laggety lag!
Your computers chug on day and night while you frag
Lowering pingity-ping and making laggety lag
And what do noobs do when the tech goes poo-poo?
I'll show you, you nasty old Reap-ler man you!"
"You've Genji'd the games where the Zenyatta's Zenny'd!
No more can they Zenny, for there is now only Genji
So I'm sending them off; oh, their future is dreary
They'll play Call of Duty and get woefully weary
In search of some gameplay that isn't so smeary."
And then I got mad—I got terribly mad
I yelled at the Lucio "Now listen here lad!
All you do is play music and yell "BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD!"
Well I have free speech, sir, and I'm telling YOU
I intend to go on doing just as I do!"
"And for your information, you Lucio, I'm figgering
On Biggering, and Biggering, and BIGGERING, and BIGGERING!
Using more Cheese to get EXP!
Which every, every, every pro needs!"
And at that very moment we heard a small click!
A light went out, like a candle wick
At the end of a stopper. They had hit EXIT ALL
The very last honest team of them all!
No more EXP. No more Cheese. No more games to be won.
So, in no time, my friends and brother, everyone
All pinged me "GG." They quit, and played Project CARS
Or NMS, flying through procedurally generated stars
Now all that was left 'neath the serverless sky
Was my big empty friend list, the Lucio and I.
The Lucio said nothing, just gave me a glance
Just gave me a very sad, sad backwards glance
As turned off his music and ended the trance
And I'll never forget the grim look on his face
As he disconnected from the server and took leave of this place
And deleted his ID, without leaving a trace.
And all that the Lucio left here in this mess
Was a limited time spray with two words: PLAY LESS
Whatever that meant, well, I just couldn't guess.
That was long, long ago. But each game since that game
I've sat here in spawn and worried away
Through the years while my computer has fallen apart
I've sat here and worried with all of my heart.
"But now" says the Reap-ler "Now that you're here
The word of the Lucio seems perfectly clear
Unless someone like you PLAYS LESS offense a lot
Overwatch isn't going to get better—it's not."
"SO... Catch!" calls the Reap-ler, he lets a book fall
"It's a team comp guide—it's the last one of all!
You're in charge of the last of the honest teams
And honest teams are what everyone needs."
"Form a new team; treat your friends with care
Create new strategies, and loot boxes share
Found a league? Protect it from cheaters that hack
Then the Lucio and all the supports may come back."
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IMU Tokens will be listed on most exchanges after the Token sales.

imusify is challenging the music industry by providing innovative solutions for musicians, labels, and listeners. As never seen before, imusify provides a decentralized music marketplace offering top services for artists and everyone in the recording business. The award-winning blockchain-based project has plans to disrupt the music business and beyond with a solid cryptocurrency, IMU, which will serve various functions within the ecosystem while being used as a means of payment such as Bitcoin or the euro. So what’s so special about the IMU Tokens?
The decentralized music industry With an easy-to-use and friendly interface, the imusify platform provides an all-in-one solution for every musician, fan, and label. With no need of any intermediary — as seen in the case of the traditional streaming platforms of files sharing providers — imusify reinvents music consumption and sharing in the blockchain era, letting artists manage their own revenues or royalty payments. Similarly, to inject new forms of revenues, fans or musicians are incentivized to take actions on the system, such as curating music content.
The smart music economy encourages both music creators and listeners to interconnect and share information of value — and creates new forms of compensation that can be way more important than solely streaming itself (for example, the traditional low pay of $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream to the holder of music rights on the streaming giant Spotify).
The scalable growth of IMU Tokens IMU Tokens serve various functions on the platform. When someone creates a playlist, curates music content, vote for songs, or simply listen to music, they receive IMU Tokens into their wallets. To say it short, every type of known activity linked to digital music creation and management is compensated on the platform, while royalties collection and copyrights are tracked efficiently thanks to smart contracts issuance. So anytime the song of an artist is played on a third-party — TV, film, radio — artists can receive IMU Tokens into their digital wallet as imusify enables proper royalties tracking and management.
Since IMU Tokens serve multiple utilities on the platform, the Tokens are likely to be in high demand as soon as imusify reaches mass adoption. IMU can be converted to most crypto exchanges including NEO, BTC, ETH. With a limited supply of 1,000,000,000, the imusify cryptocurrency will become scarce in the future. We can further imagine that IMU Tokens will serve new functions once imusify introduces new features.
imusify creates real revenues for musicians compensated in IMU Artists are not yet fully educated on blockchain and its huge advantageous economy. With the example of imusify, we can easily highlight what musicians can really earn on such an ecosystem. But for such a new system to succeed, two conditions are required:
The platform must provide a real-life product that serves millions of people and helps them solve real issues The ecosystem must be rooted in a strong business plan with a solid cryptocurrency of high potential So far, we can say that the imusify native cryptocurrency, IMU serves the two above.
As a means of payment within the ecosystem, the IMU Tokens even provide trust and transparency for artists and listeners. Furthermore, imusify users will be able to share music and receive the right rewards which have been missing until now, despite a USD 17 billion revenue growth of revenues in 2018.
For more information about imusify, please consult:
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The benefits of holding IMU Tokens — Steemit

imusify is challenging the music industry by providing innovative solutions for musicians, labels, and listeners. As never seen before, imusify provides a decentralized music marketplace offering top services for artists and everyone in the recording business. The award-winning blockchain-based project has plans to disrupt the music business and beyond with a solid cryptocurrency, IMU, which will serve various functions within the ecosystem while being used as a means of payment such as Bitcoin or the euro. So what’s so special about the IMU Tokens?

The decentralized music industry

With an easy-to-use and friendly interface, the imusify platform provides an all-in-one solution for every musician, fan, and label. With no need of any intermediary — as seen in the case of the traditional streaming platforms of files sharing providers — imusify reinvents music consumption and sharing in the blockchain era, letting artists manage their own revenues or royalty payments. Similarly, to inject new forms of revenues, fans or musicians are incentivized to take actions on the system, such as curating music content.
The smart music economy encourages both music creators and listeners to interconnect and share information of value — and creates new forms of compensation that can be way more important than solely streaming itself (for example, the traditional low pay of $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream to the holder of music rights on the streaming giant Spotify).

The scalable growth of IMU Tokens

IMU Tokens serve various functions on the platform. When someone creates a playlist, curates music content, vote for songs, or simply listen to music, they receive IMU Tokens into their wallets. To say it short, every type of known activity linked to digital music creation and management is compensated on the platform, while royalties collection and copyrights are tracked efficiently thanks to smart contracts issuance. So anytime the song of an artist is played on a third-party — TV, film, radio — artists can receive IMU Tokens into their digital wallet as imusify enables proper royalties tracking and management.
Since IMU Tokens serve multiple utilities on the platform, the Tokens are likely to be in high demand as soon as imusify reaches mass adoption. IMU can be converted to most crypto exchanges including NEO, BTC, ETH. With a limited supply of 1,000,000,000, the imusify cryptocurrency will become scarce in the future. We can further imagine that IMU Tokens will serve new functions once imusify introduces new features.

imusify creates real revenues for musicians compensated in IMU

Artists are not yet fully educated on blockchain and its huge advantageous economy. With the example of imusify, we can easily highlight what musicians can really earn on such an ecosystem. But for such a new system to succeed, two conditions are required:
So far, we can say that the imusify native cryptocurrency, IMU serves the two above.
As a means of payment within the ecosystem, the IMU Tokens even provide trust and transparency for artists and listeners. Furthermore, imusify users will be able to share music and receive the right rewards which have been missing until now, despite a USD 17 billion revenue growth of revenues in 2018.
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Alright, I'm fucking desperate - help me or give me some advice. x-post from r/bayarea because I was encouraged to.
Edit - Including original post here, thank you for the suggestion!
I need a car. Sell me your car. Tell me about your friend who is selling a car. I'm broke and need it 4 months ago. Let me paint your house for your car. Tell me of this secret place with cheap running cars. Tell me of this government program that will give a high-risk, unsecured, small loan to a 21year old.
< ~$1000
For the love of god, allah, FSM, karma, self interest, salvation of your soul or love of your fellow human being please give me a hand here. I just want to go to school and work another job.
I don't even give a fuck what it is anymore. I wanted RWD manual. Just let it run for at least 2 months so I can work more and earn some money.
Useless bullshit that you don't care about:
All I need is to know that at the end of my shit day I can look forward to one simple thing. Driving for half an hour, listening to music, not going anywhere in particular. A window down, and ... peace.
I have 450 in my account, 200 in hand from selling my first love's shell yesterday ( 1986 sr-5. I cried ) and 280 in bitcoins. I will do dirty things to make up price difference. I can't afford another project car.
I'm poor and 21.I work under contract for about 780$/mo until my contract end - government program. I live in Vallejo/Benicia. Most of the time I pretend I go to school in fairfield but that's not working out fantastically. I want to work night and weekends because i need to save money.
I've been trying to save for about a year but life keeps being a bitch and throwing sticks in my spokes. It's like my bank account is on jenny craig. Oh so fucking slimming.
I haven't received any financial aid because I need a transcript that won't get released until I pay a $350 library fine off. And I might be denied aid even then because of my past GPA, which is understandable and I deserve.
I will fucking work for the car.
I'm a carpenter, painter, theater stage tech, airbrush artists, teacher, MS/HS tutor, security guard, digger, forklift driver, janitor, office worker, receptionist, personal assistant, gardener, event planning, tech support (above average internet user, not a genius but I can google).
I'm not stupid and I work hard. If you want, I'll work twice as hard.
I can learn anything on the job twice as fast and I will do it twice as good in the same amount of time as the other guy ( fast, good, cheap , pick two)
*No one's reading this anyway. I'm jaded and angry, but I'll get over it by tonight. I'll forget and it will cycle again week after week.
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Privacy as a Commodity (The Value of Conceal Network)

Privacy as a Commodity (The Value of Conceal Network)
If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to be afraid of. A simple phrase used by anybody in one form or another at one point. At first glance it seems simple, a mere statement that if you are not guilty of any crime, you have no reason to be afraid of [x]. X being any number of things, ranging from the NSA data mining innocent citizens, collecting and storing prodigious amounts of personal data unbeknownst to the average person, to police officers searching a vehicle at traffic stop due to probable cause. In today’s interconnected and very public world the inherent value of privacy has been lost on many, as they prefer to blast their lives to any willing or able to listen on various forms of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and even recent advents like Tik-Tok and enable people to spread information at extreme rates. Why anyone chooses to do this is beyond me, ‘going public’ provides many drawbacks, the most prominent two are a lack of privacy and high traceability. A deep and wide internet footprint is a common thing for most, it’s become the accepted way to operate in the modern era with employers looking into social media history in some cases to vette employees. Nobody values privacy anymore, so much so that when confronted with the reality of governments and companies effectively spying on citizens, even for ‘minor’ things such as ad data, most shrug and repeat the old adage “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.

True anonymity is rare to find these days, and even rarer is it implemented in an unobtrusive and easy to achieve way. To remain truly anonymous on the internet is an absolute bear of a task forcing use of VPNs and a careful hand when chatting or posting anything anywhere, lest any information divulged be brought back to you personally in one way or another. This is such that anonymity in financial transactions has gone by the wayside, with no individual able to truly remain anonymous through the traditional financial system. Vast amounts of wealth essentially must be stored in a bank account, the holder of which is on record. Cash remains anonymous but the use of cash for large purchases and the personal storage of large amounts of hard currency is ill-advised. Storing large quantities of currency outside of a bank guarantees heavy depreciation through an ever rising inflation rate. In the year of 2018, the annual inflation rate was 1.9%, meaning if someone had 100 dollars USD saved for the year, their effective buying power has dwindled to 98.1 dollars. This only compounds with time, as 100 dollars was indeed a princely sum at the turn of the century and still held effective value up until the 1970s, but becoming a rather pedestrian amount today. Enlarge the amount of currency stored and the problem becomes more noticeable, thus erasing the thought of keeping a large amount of money holed up in one’s mattress.

Storing money in a bank account is an effective solution for most. Guaranteed annual returns through interest, large amount of storage, and easily accessible and advertised to all. Banking is commonplace and the system is generally effective and quite acceptable allowing one to outpace inflation rates and generate effective wealth from simply storing an amount of money for an amount of time. This concept is taken even further in the form of CDs, allowing one to put away savings for an allotted time for guaranteed returns. The biggest draw is the safety of such a transaction, the only stipulation being that the account holder must not withdraw from the fund lest the rewards be culled. A more savvy individual would recognize the returns from accounts, desire more and simply invest in stocks. Stock trading and investing can be a very effective way to get more returns than from traditional banking, at the expense of security. Misplacing money in the stock market is a surefire way to be ruined overnight, resulting in many to go to firms for guidance, creating a lucrative business there. Taking this high risk, high reward mentality even further, one finds themselves at cryptocurrencies, a phenomenal medium for day-traders and even long-term investors due to daily volatility and long-term trends and presumed ROI.

The biggest draw for some to the crypto world is indeed the high level of anonymity associated with it. Allowing individuals to purchase and trade in relative secrecy in some cases. Generally speaking true anonymity is rather impossible with wallets being able to be traced to individuals and so on. Another problem is the lack of guaranteed returns. While Bitcoin and other prominent coins are rather stable and prime candidates for people to purchase in the pursuit of investment or storage, returns are not guaranteed. Some will always feel safer with a bank due to the security connotations and, of course, guaranteed returns, calling all other methods ‘too risky’ or ‘unscrupulous’. Conceal solves all these problems swiftly and easily. Being truly anonymous, with transactions being unable to be linked to sender and receiver using a distributed public ledger. The system is truly trustless utilizing a peer to peer network with no third-party mediation whatsoever. Complete anonymity is ensured through many means including single-use addresses, an encrypted network, and somewhat amusingly, self-destructing messages. Conceal is primarily a banking system, however, with deposits earning up to 4% annual ROI and investments earning 12% p.a. This is a great boon as a truly anonymous banking system is truly the best of both worlds, providing immense security and stability in addition to impressive returns on deposits.
Deposits with Conceal operate in a rather unique way utilizing cold staking. Opening the wallet allows you two options, to deposit and to invest. Choosing either presents you with a menu detailing the amount of coins you wish to put in, the length of time the coins will be locked and staking, and the return of investment over the selected time period. Deposits can accrue up to 4.1% annual ROI over the course of a one year lock and investments can return 36% over the course of a 20 quarter lock. All deposits are locked until the alloted time has expired and are now cold staking. The wallet can be closed, computer shut down, or anything else, yet returns are still being generated. This system mixes an impressive level of security with sizeable rewards and allows users and investors peace of mind in multiple ways.

Peace of mind is also secured through other methods, a very notable one being protocol level IP mixing. Protocol level mixing is what truly allows Conceal to stay completely anonymous. With the Bitcoin blockchain, ip mixing is done through third parties that claim to keep no logs of those who value their privacy. While one could be as skeptical as they want about the no logging claim, the real issue is the transparency of the blockchain. This transparency makes it a trivial affair to simply block transactions coming from mixers, thus forcing people to remain public. Masternode coins use the masternodes themselves to mix. Not only can masternodes de-encrypt whatever they encrypt they can be hacked, removing privacy. Conceal utilizes IP mixing at a protocol level making it impossible for one to be outed in any of these means or any other. Features like this mean Conceal is truly a privacy coin holding its users security above all else.

Another great innovative feature is the Conceal Cloud Wallet, allowing users to be in complete control of their private keys while completing transactions instantly. All without having to download the entire blockchain. The trick to all of this is use of a completely decentralized blockchain where users transact directly with each other. All transactions take place on this peer to peer network not on the website with personal seeds never being transmitted. All users retain sole access to their keys using password and 2FA authentication. Information regarding Conceal is readily available as it is open-source and has active Discord and Telegram channels where developers and team members are active. The 1 2 development team is commendable in their activity and industrious nature, breeding trust and creating an effective platform. Thank to this hard work the platform has recently moved to a custom PoW algorithm, providing investors with real value and benefits. Not to say that the new algorithm is the only benefit to investors, as there are many. These range from listings on exchanges worldwide, the most recent being Atilly based in Hong Kong, to a constant stream of wallet updates and fixes. There can be no doubt that Conceal is a very promising new coin in this budding new always-online world.
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Turning Taiwan's largest electronic sound festival into a virtual currency application lab...

Turning Taiwan's largest electronic sound festival into a virtual currency application lab...
Quick and dirty translation of the recent ULTRA Festival article on Yahoo Mobile (China) - linked below...
Fireworks, dry ice, screams, the second weekend of September, Taipei Dajia Riverside Park gathered tens of thousands of people, they are the fans of the world's largest electronic music party Ultra Music Festival (hereinafter referred to as Ultra). After many years of hard work, this grand event originated from Miami, Florida, was officially held in Taiwan for the first time. It not only brought the world's top 100 DJ lineups, the US officially designed luxury stage, but also a large number of overseas fans.
The rock and roll men and women in the party held a color card in their hands, and the transactions of the 39 stall vendors on the spot were completed by it. Surprisingly, this card called X Pass is not the new Taiwanese currency, but the virtual currency U coin developed for the event with the blockchain concept. Let the original focus on the ultrasound. Suddenly added one more identity - the world's largest blockchain application laboratory.
The protagonist of this experiment is the founder of the Southeast Asian blockchain company Pundi X, a 35-year-old Malaysian Chinese, Zac Cheah.
In the popular blockchain industry, most people want to profit from the issuance and trading of virtual currency. However, he rarely invests in the application and puts the funds raised into hardware. "What I hope to solve is the real trading of virtual currency. The question." Xie Zibin further explained, "I want to be a blockchain version of Visa, so that people can easily buy things in virtual currency in their daily lives."
He raised 1.1 billion yuan for machine-built money , and nearly four times the market value of his own virtual currency.
Xie Zibin's Pundi X launched ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at the beginning of this year, and launched a virtual currency code-named NPXS. The funds raised will be 100,000 XPOS, just like Visa's credit card machine, which is made around the world. Virtual currency can be consumed and applied in real life, and it is no longer just a "currency" that is invisible in the cloud.
Investors who participate in the Fundi X fundraising can get the virtual currency NPXS, which is also the conversion currency used to operate all virtual currency transactions on XPOS, which is the medium of trading.
Unexpectedly, this concept raised $35 million (about NT$1.1 billion) in 90 minutes, and rushed into the top 10 ICOs in the world.
Long-term focus on the blockchain industry source Platinum Capital Executive Changhu said that although the ICO frenzy has raised more than a billion dollars in the world since the ICO frenzy, "but from the perspective of a single startup, ICO can get it. $35 million, this is definitely a lot of money."
According to the virtual currency quote website CoinMarketCap, the market value of Bitcoin has shrunk by more than 60% since the beginning of this year, but the market value of NPXS has grown nearly four times against the trend, reaching US$170 million (about NT$5.3 billion) and entering the world. The top 50 list of virtual currency market capitalization.
Why is the price of NPXS continuing to rise? Xie Zibin said that because it is a virtual currency with real use scenarios, it can continue to create so much demand and value. In this regard, Hu Day agreed, "In the big bear market where the virtual currency is turbulent, it can still maintain the rise, I believe the market has given the answer."
Born in Malaysia, from the Xiao Nian Chinese Language School, Xie Zibin from the Institute of Studies in Sweden and Norway, joined the World Wide Web inventor Bernard. Lee's W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) promotes the new web page specification HTML5.
Fighting for Differentiation" won the hardware of the top 100 Microsoft high-level cooperation coin circle, no one is playing, he is alone
He recalled that in 2010, the specifications of the web pages used by people were the hegemony of the overlord. The two strong ones were: Flash controlled by a Adobe company, and HTML thought by a number of companies. In the same year, Xie Zibin served as the promotion chairman of the latter in China. "That experience has influenced me a lot. The design of HTML follows the "consensus decision". Everyone has to vote for a thing to develop."
As it became the global mainstream step by step, Xie Zibin deeply realized that the open source is greater than the monopoly spirit, and the blockchain technology with "decentralization" as the core value became his first choice when starting a business.
David Ben Kay, former China's former legal chief, has run a new incubator in Beijing. "I have met many entrepreneurs. Those geniuses have a vision, but there are not many people who can listen to others. Zac There are a few who have ideals and abilities, but they remain open." He also mentioned that Xie Zibin insisted on being a blockchain product that everyone can use in his life. He is from the director of Ethereum, Microsoft China Law Chief, etc. At the time of his retirement, he nodded as an important reason for the Pundi X legal chief.
However, even if it is put into the blockchain application, there are still many options, most of which can be solved by writing code. Why does Xie Zibin have to go to Shenzhen, China to find a factory to do hardware? "The first wave of people coming in is a soft body, and the homogenization is very serious. You see no one in the top 100." Xie Zibin said, "But I think the blockchain is definitely not the only way!" Give the industry a different spark, let Xie Zibin embark on a more twisted but wonderful road than others.
Benefit sharing, tandem three-party people provide low-cost machines to attract merchants to join
What is special about this XPOS?
At first glance, it is no different from the POS (point-of-sales intelligence system) machine in the general store, but it is a clever way to benefit three-party users: consumers, businesses, and blockchain developers. Wen Ruo-ting, vice president of Pundi X, stated, “Consumers who use XPOS to pay or purchase virtual currency only need to pay 1% more fees, which is more cost-effective than traditional 5% (virtual currency) exchanges. At the same time, merchants earn more than this. The handling fee will increase the profit."
In addition to guests and stores, XPOS also hopes to be the underlying platform for blockchain developers, allowing different developers to develop their own applications on this machine. Huang Pu, the technology chief of Pundi X, said that its technology can help other blockchain applications reduce development costs. For example, BusinessWeek can issue "Business Week" in XPOS, and can also develop applications such as smart contracts subscribed to by magazines. It is a revolution in the blockchain world."
As for the business model, Pundi X does not rely on this machine to make money, but provides merchants at a very low price, so that it can quickly expand globally, and the main income comes from the distribution.
Qiu Yujia, CEO of the EMBA of the University of Political Science and Technology, said that the Pundi X is in line with the three elements of the new economy towards the user era: the use of technology, the experience of being king, and multiple roles. "Especially the third point of "multiple roles", this POS becomes a platform for customers, businesses, and companies interested in developing applications to serve each other. Compared with traditional POS, it has more roles as a splicer and aggregator. I think There is potential." There are not enough users of the Challenge to educate the market and seize the market. However, after all, the top 100 people in the currency circle are nowhere to go, and the difficulties faced by Pundi X are more challenging.
Wang Mengdie, founder of China's blockchain media "Star Daily", said at a summit that the biggest problem in the blockchain industry is that there are no users, only investors and speculators. Therefore, just as if no one used a credit card, Visa's machines were designed to be better, faster, and useless. How much demand for virtual currency transactions will grow in the next few years is a test that Pundi X can't avoid.
Even if the market for virtual currency real transactions can really expand, Hu Day pointed out that, like the large exchange ICE recently to cooperate with Starbucks to pay for virtual currency, XPOS coverage is fast enough to compete with these giants.
In addition, virtual currency has the unpredictable nature of the ups and downs. Wang Zhide, founder of Bitu, a virtual currency exchange, evaluated the experience of establishing a blockchain incubator in Shibuya. "The currency price fluctuation is too large. "Not strong," he said. "In the long run, he thinks, "When the blockchain industry develops, it will definitely be necessary for the market to solve the pain of real payment."
Xie Zibin also understands that the success or failure of Pundi X depends on the needs of real trading, and the education market and market share are the top priorities. At present, XPOS has received 25,000 orders, and he hopes to reach the target of 100,000 units in three years. In addition, in order to expand the use of ethnic groups, it is expected that another hardware product will be launched by the end of this year, extending the same concept from the merchant to the consumer.
Although the road ahead is not clear, Xie Zibin, who has decided to use the consensus and applied, has already verified his charm by the virtual currency market. The number of the Pundi X team has grown by more than 100 people in just two years. "I don't want to play speculative games. Blockchain has more possibilities than speculative coins." The blockchain enters human life and realizes that it no longer relies on the financial transactions of financial institutions. It is the moment to truly develop and take off. This road When will it be achieved? Xie Zibin’s entrepreneurial direction is the beginning.
Born: 1982
Education: Master of Information Security, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Master of Computer Computing, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
: W3C China HTML5 Group Founder, Opera Software China Network Technology Standards Director
: Pundi X Founder and CEO

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