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Best places to trade your Ripple/XRP (longer read)

In the past when you heard the word ‘cryptocurrency’, the first thing that came to everyone’s minds was Bitcoin. To some, this is still the case; they believe that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency and the vice versa to also be true.
Of course, the statement is correct in one way; Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, but cryptocurrency is not made up of only Bitcoin but a host of other currencies. One of these currencies is Ripple.
When it comes to the top five cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization, Ripple needs no introduction as it has managed to secure a position of being the third most traded cryptocurrency around the world. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Ripple is the only cryptocurrency with a backing from traditional legacy financial institutions.
In addition, the coin has been integrated into the operation of thousands of small businesses around the world.
At this juncture, it is only fair that you learn how to be a part of this great innovation. Thankfully, that is what this guide is all about, showing you some of the best trading platforms for Ripple.
There are numerous exchanges that offer decent exchange rates and well-matched trading pairs, but I’ll only narrow down to some of our best picks to help you get started fast.

What is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency, a currency exchange, a real-time gross settlement payment system, and a remittance network powered by Ripple. As I mentioned before, this is the third most capitalized cryptocurrency asset after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
XRP allows enterprises such as banks and other financial service providers to offer their clients a reliable option to source for liquidity for cross-border currency transactions.
Ripple is a distributed, open-source platform that seeks to capitalize on the weaknesses of the conventional money payment systems such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, among others. According to Ripple, these payment systems expose users to a lot of transaction delays and restrict the fluidity of currencies.
The platform aims at replacing traditional payment systems through offering a faster, safer, and more convenient alternative for making payments.
Both the platform’s exchange and tokens are called Ripple, and their mantra states one frictionless experience to send money globally.

Where Can I Trade XRP?

Most exchanges that trade Ripple are limited to crypto-to-crypto transactions. This means that you can only trade Ripple with another cryptocurrency and not fiat currencies such as the euro or the dollar.
You’ll need to acquire the currency you wish to trade with XRP on a platform that accepts fiat, and once that happens, you can proceed to trade the two currencies.
There are several great platforms that offer XRP trading; below are just a few:

Buying XRP on Binance

Binance is an exchange that was established in 2017 but has bagged a reputation worth over 10 years of existence. This, the team claims, is due to a number of features offered by the platform including better security controls, low trading fee (0.05%), as well as its faster transacting speeds.
To buy or trade XRP on Binance, you’ll need to set up an account on the exchange. The platform offers a fast signup process and actually accepts users from all around the world.
Once you’re done signing up, navigate to the fund’s section and click on “Deposits”. You will find all the listed cryptocurrencies supported by the Binance platform.
Since Binance does not support the purchase of Ripple using fiat currencies, you’ll need to acquire another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and use it to acquire XRP.
This will require you to use a platform such as Coinbase that accepts fiat currencies when buying cryptos. Getting started on Coinbase is quite simple. Head over to their website and click on the “Get Started” icon on the top right corner of your screen.
Fill in the required fields and read through their User Agreement and Privacy Policy documents, then create your account.
You’ll receive an email that will require you to verify your signup details together with your phone number.
You will then gain access to your created account.
Proceed to buy your coins; preferably, choose either Bitcoin or Ethereum as they have higher liquidities. Once you’re done, your coins will be received in your online Coinbase account.
Head over to the menu indicated as “Account” and click on it.
Click on “Send” and enter the number of coins you wish to send to your Binance wallet. Copy and paste the address of your Binance account to Coinbase, then click send to transfer the funds.
The purchased cryptocurrency will be received and on Binance, you can go ahead and trade it with Ripple.

Buying XRP on Bittrex

Just like on Binance, you’ll need to create an account on Bittrex to get started.
The process is pretty much straightforward, only requiring you to sign up using your email address and password.
Once you’re done signing up, click on the wallet tab. You will be taken to a page where you can view all the deposit addresses of the cryptocurrencies on the Bittrex platform.
You can then choose the currency to use to purchase XRP, after which, you will be required to type in the code of the currency you will be using to purchase Ripple. If you’re using Ethereum, you can type in the search bar “ETH” and then click on the green arrow to reveal the deposit address. In case you will be sending the funds from a different exchange, you’ll need to paste the address to that platform.
Next, you’ll need to send funds to your Bittrex account. Bittrex permits payments using both fiat and cryptocurrencies. So, depending on what you will be using, send money to your online wallet and proceed to trade it with Ripple.

Buying XRP on Changelly

Changelly is another Ripple exchange that requires you to use either Bitcoin or Ethereum to acquire XRP.
The exchange doesn’t have an inbuilt wallet, so you’ll need to store your funds on a separate hardware or software wallet. You can pretty much use any type of wallet, but the most secure ones are the hardware ones as they store your coins in an offline cold storage area.
Ripple prefers not to have many unutilized accounts being set up on its platform; this is why you’ll need to have a minimum of 20 XRP in your account for you to get started. However, if your first transaction will be more than 20 XRP, then you’re all set.
Once you have a wallet ready for your Ripple, head to the Changelly site and click on “input currency”. Here, you will be able to enter the currency you wish to trade for Ripple.
You can basically pick and use any coin listed on the site, but it is highly recommended that you use either Bitcoin or Ethereum due to their high liquidity.
The output section will have Ripple, which is the currency you wish to receive.
The next step will require you to key in your XRP address, which is your Ripple address and the destination tag, which is a description of the transaction.
You can now proceed to trade your chosen coins for Ripple. The transaction shouldn’t take long, and you will be able to receive the coins in your Ripple wallet.


Cryptmixer is a platform that assists users to swap XRP with 5 other assets freely. The interface lets users convert assets directly from one’s wallet, without having to create an account or register. Besides, the service helps to compare different providers and find a suitable deal for handling Ripple transactions securely, rapidly, and at the best rate.
The process of using Cryptmixer is quite simple:
  1. Go to the main page, choose the currency you’d like to swap, and enter the amount.
  2. Choose XRP to receive.
  3. Review the amount to see how much you will receive. Cryptmixer will automatically find the best rates for your trade.
  4. Click Exchange.
  5. Then, enter the wallet address that you wish to use.
  6. Send in the deposit to the generated wallet address and wait for the transaction to be processed.
What makes Cryptmixer a great fit is that it provides a very simple layout and quick process so it’s not chore when you trade your crypto. The support line also takes on the job of solving the cases by cooperating with users with top priority.
To learn more on how to exchange XRP at the best rate check

Buying XRP on Coinmama

Coinmama is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been around for quite a while now. The Coinmama team has been adding more coins on their platform over time to be able to provide its users with a wider variety of trading pairs.
More recently, the platform included Ripple on its platform. However, Coinmama does not allow US-based users to purchase Ripple due to some stringent laws and regulations surrounding the coin.
But for non-US users, you can proceed to create your account on the platform and locate Ripple among the listed assets.
Once you’ve created your account, navigate your way to the area with the list of assets. Select one of the provided packages and proceed.
You’re required to have a crypto wallet prior to making any purchase on the platform, so be sure to have a valid wallet address before completing the purchase. Once that’s done, purchase your Ripple coins and they will be delivered to your wallet.

Storing Your Ripple Coins

Online storages are never safe for cryptocurrency assets. Individuals have woken up to all sort of horrific sceneries on their accounts that left them bankrupt with no one to turn to.
One of the most important concepts you need to grasp about online businesses is the security of your transactions.
Cryptocurrency burglars are everywhere and are getting smarter by the day; this means that traditional ways of guaranteeing the security of your online assets are no longer effective.
Most exchanges have top-notch security standards, but the safety of your cryptos begins with you. A great way of ensuring that your funds are secure is by getting an offline storage device for your coins. I’ve seen great reviews on two hardware wallets that I highly recommend; these are the Ledger Nano S and Trezor wallets.
After getting the wallet of your choice, keep your personal data such as passwords and secret words private; this will ensure that no one else gains access to your wallet even if you misplace it. Writing your password or PIN on open places or somewhere in your phone might not be a good idea; yes, it may be convenient for you, but it will be for the burglar too.

What method of purchasing XRP is considered to be the best?

The most secure and common way of acquiring Ripple is through buying Ethereum or Bitcoin from Coinbase or Coinmama, then transferring the same to Cryptmixer to use to exchange with Ripple.
This is because Ripple is currently not available for purchase by using fiat currencies.

What is the best trading platform for Ripple?

Ripple is available on a decent number of exchanges including Binance, Coinmama, Coinbase, Bittrex, Cryptmixer, and more. However, among the stated ones, I have found Cryptmixer to be more secure and easier to use while it also offers the best trading rates and fees.

The Bottom Line

As we conclude, you now have some of the best choices when it comes to the exchange to acquire Ripple coins. After buying your XRP coins, store them offline on a secure device due to the risk of being faced by threats such as hacking or system failures.
If you’re serious about making cryptocurrency your investment vehicle in the long run, consider investing in a more lasting security solution such as a hardware storage device. You may not get them for a few pennies, but trust me when I say they are worth every last dime you spend on them.
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Decentr ($DEC) - foundational cross-chain and cross-platform DeFi protocol

Decentr is a protocol designed to make blockchain/DLT mainstream by allowing DeFi applications built on various blockchains to “talk to each other”. Decentr is a 100% secure and decentralised Web 3.0 protocol where users can apply PDV (personal data value) to increase APR on $DEC that users loan out as part of of our DeFi dLoan features, as well as it being applied at PoS when paying for stuff online. Decentr is also building a BAT competitor browser and Chrome/Firefox extension that acts as a gateway to 100% decentralised Web 3.0
Allows DeFi Dapps to access all Decentr’s dFintech features, including dLoan, dPay. Key innovation is that the protocols is based on a user’s ability to leverage the value of their data as exchangeable “currency”.

A fee is charged for every transaction using dPay whereby an exchange takes place between money (fiat and digital) and data, and vice versa, either as part of DeFi features or via a dApp built on Decentr. They are launching pilot programmes in the following industries:
  1. Banking/PSP Industry: On Product launch, due to Decentr’s powerful PSP connections (including the worlds #2 PSP by volume), a medium-scale pilot program will be launched, which will seed the network with 150,000 PSP customers in primarily the Spanish/LAC markets, generating revenue from day one.
  2. “Bricks and Mortar” Supermarket/Grocery Industry: Decentr aims to ensure the long-term competitiveness of “bricks and mortar” supermarkets against online-only grocery retailers, such as Amazon, by a) building secure tech that allows supermarkets to digitise every aspect of their supply chains and operational functions, while b) allowing supermarkets to leverage this incredibly valuable data as a liquid asset class. Expected revenue by Year 5: $114Mn per year.
  3. Online Advertising Industry: Decentr’s 100% decentralised platform credits users secure data with payable value, in the form of PDV, for engaging with ads. The Brave browser was launched in 2012 and in 8 years has reached over 12 million monthly active users, accented by as many as 4.3 million daily active users.
Decentr recently complete their token sale on a purchase portal powered by Dolomite where they raised $974,000 in 10 minutes for a total sale hardcap of 1.25M. The $DEC token is actively trading on multiple exchanges including Uniswap and IDEX. Listed for free on IDEX, Hotbit, Hoo, Coinw, Tidex, BKex. Listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. Listed on Delta and Blockfolio apps.
➡️ Circulating supply: 61m $DEC.
➡️ Release schedule and token distribution LINK -> NO RELEASE UNTIL 2021.
➡️Contract Address - 0x30f271C9E86D2B7d00a6376Cd96A1cFBD5F0b9b3
➡️Decimals - 18, Ticker - DEC
➡️Uniswap link:
$DEC Token utility:
A tradeable unit of value that is both internal and external to the Decentr platform.A unit of conversion between fiat entering and exiting the Decentr ecosystem.A way to capture the value of user data and combines the activity of every participant of the platform performing payment (dPay), or lending and borrowing (dLend), i.e a way to peg PDV to tangible/actionable value.Method of payment in the Decentr ecosystem.A method to internally underwrite the “Deconomy.
Simon Dedic - chief of Blockfyre:
Spectre Group Pick :
Patrons of the Moon/Lil Uzi:
tehMoonwalker pick who is a TOP 5 influencer per Binance:
Holochain was one of their earliest supporters and they share a deep connection (recently an AMA was conducted in their TG group):
Technical Whitepaper:
Recent Articles:
Chad Gang STRONG Community:
Community News Channel:
Recent Uniswap trades:
Wallet holder tracker:
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Defi Coins List In Detail

A Detail List Of Defi Coin












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Now over 8,000 signatures on the Coinbase SegWit petition. Please take 30 seconds to support this, even if you’re convinced it won’t work.

Here’s the link
  1. Sign the petition
  2. Leave Coinbase
  3. Tweet/Email @coinbase and @brian_armstrong
Remember, there are other exchanges and wallets watching. This isn’t just about Coinbase.
If this petition convinces a popular single exchange or wallet to implement SegWit, it’s worth every second!
Thanks bitcoin
Edit: Also leave a review on the official Coinbase app in your App Store.
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[Hire Me] Forex & Crypto - Article and Content Writer - With Experience

Hi. I am Behar, article writer on Forex and Crypto. My knowledge of Forex and Crypto is very deep as I have more than 4 years of experience in these fields. I trade Forex and Crypto and have contributed to Forex courses and websites with content.
Some of my topic articles on Forex and Crypto are:
Some of my articles are on the links below:
Technical Analysis in Forex Trading
Introduction to Forex - Beginners
Pepperstone Forex Broker Review
5 Forex Tips For Beginners
FBS Forex Broker Review
XM Forex Broker Review
How to trade market patterns in Forex
Best Forex Brokers in Germany
Best Forex Trading Platforms
Crypto articles
My rate is $0.05 per word and if you want more articles we can negotiate for the price.
You can message me or contact me at my email: [email protected]
Thank you.
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/r/Bitcoin FAQ - Newcomers please read

Welcome to the /Bitcoin Sticky FAQ

You've probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin recently and are wondering what's the big deal? Most of your questions should be answered by the resources below but if you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comments.
The following videos are a good starting point for understanding how bitcoin works and a little about its long term potential:
For some more great introductory videos check out Andreas Antonopoulos's YouTube playlists, he is probably the best bitcoin educator out there today. Also have to give mention to James D'Angelo's Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series. Lots of additional video resources can be found at the videos wiki page or /BitcoinTV.
Key properties of bitcoin
Some excellent writing on Bitcoin's value proposition and future can be found here. Bitcoin statistics can be found here, here and here. Developer resources can be found here and here. Peer-reviewed research papers can be found here. The number of times Bitcoin was declared dead by the media can be found here. Scaling resources here, and of course the whitepaper that started it all.

Where can I buy bitcoins? and are helpful sites for beginners. You can buy or sell any amount of bitcoin and there are several easy methods to purchase bitcoin with cash, credit card or bank transfer. Some of the more popular resources are below, also, check out the bitcoinity exchange resources for a larger list of options for purchases.
Bank Transfer Credit / Debit card Cash
Coinbase Coinbase LocalBitcoins
Gemini Bitstamp LibertyX
GDAX Bitit Mycelium LocalTrader
Bitstamp BitQuick
Kraken CoinMama WallofCoins
Xapo BitcoinOTC
Here is a listing of local ATMs. If you would like your paycheck automatically converted to bitcoin use Cashila or Bitwage.
Note: Bitcoins are valued at whatever market price people are willing to pay for them in balancing act of supply vs demand. Unlike traditional markets, bitcoin markets operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Preev is a useful site that that shows how much various denominations of bitcoin are worth in different currencies. Alternatively you can just Google "1 bitcoin in (your local currency)".

Securing your bitcoins

With bitcoin you can "Be your own bank" and personally secure your bitcoins OR you can use third party companies aka "Bitcoin banks" which will hold the bitcoins for you.
Android iOs Desktop
Mycelium BreadWallet Electrum
CoPay AirBitz Armory
Another interesting use case for physical storage/transfer is the Opendime. Opendime is a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin by physically passing it along so it's anonymous and tangible like cash.
Note: For increased security, use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) everywhere it is offered, including email!
2FA requires a second confirmation code to access your account, usually from a text message or app, making it much harder for thieves to gain access. Google Authenticator and Authy are the two most popular 2FA services, download links are below. Make sure you create backups of your 2FA codes.
Google Auth Authy
Android Android

Where can I spend bitcoins?

A more comprehensive list can be found at the Trade FAQ but some more commons ones are below.
Store Product
Gyft Gift cards for hundreds of retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Whole Foods, CVS, Lowes, Home Depot, iTunes, Best Buy, Sears, Kohls, eBay, GameStop, etc.
Steam, HumbleBundle, Games Planet,, g2g and kinguin For when you need to get your game on
Microsoft Xbox games, phone apps and software
Spendabit, The Bitcoin Shop, Overstock, DuoSearch, The Bitcoin Directory and BazaarBay Retail shopping with millions of results
ShakePay Generate one time use Visa cards in seconds
NewEgg and Dell For all your electronics needs
Cashila,, Coinbills, Piixpay,, Bylls,, Bitrefill,, LivingRoomofSatoshi,, Coinsfer, GetPaidinBitcoin,, More #1, #2 Bill payment
Foodler, Menufy, Takeaway, Thuisbezorgd NL, Pizza For Coins Takeout delivered to your door!
Expedia, Cheapair, Lot, Destinia, BTCTrip, Abitsky, SkyTours, Fluege the Travel category on Gyft and 9flats For when you need to get away
BoltVM, BitHost VPS service
Cryptostorm, Mullvad, and PIA VPN services
Namecheap, Porkbun For new domain name registration
Stampnik and GetUSPS Discounted USPS Priority, Express, First-Class mail postage
Reddit Gold Premium membership which can be gifted to others
Coinmap, 99Bitcoins and AirBitz are helpful to find local businesses accepting bitcoins. A good resource for UK residents is at
There are also lots of charities which accept bitcoin donations, such as Wikipedia, Red Cross, Amnesty International, United Way, ACLU and the EFF. You can find a longer list here.

Merchant Resources

There are several benefits to accepting bitcoin as a payment option if you are a merchant;
If you are interested in accepting bitcoin as a payment method, there are several options available;

Can I mine bitcoin?

Mining bitcoins can be a fun learning experience, but be aware that you will most likely operate at a loss. Newcomers are often advised to stay away from mining unless they are only interested in it as a hobby similar to folding at home. If you want to learn more about mining you can read more here. Still have mining questions? The crew at /BitcoinMining would be happy to help you out.
If you want to contribute to the bitcoin network by hosting the blockchain and propagating transactions you can run a full node using this setup guide. Bitseed is an easy option for getting set up. You can view the global node distribution here.

Earning bitcoins

Just like any other form of money, you can also earn bitcoins by being paid to do a job.
Site Description
WorkingForBitcoins, Bitwage, XBTfreelancer, Cryptogrind, Bitlancerr, Coinality, Bitgigs, /Jobs4Bitcoins, Rein Project Freelancing
OpenBazaar,, Bitify, /Bitmarket, 21 Market Marketplaces
Watchmybit,,, NSFW, /GirlsGoneBitcoin NSFW Video Streaming
Bitasker, BitforTip, WillPayCoin Tasks, SatoshiBox, JoyStream, File Army File/Image Sharing
CoinAd, A-ads, Advertising
You can also earn bitcoins by participating as a market maker on JoinMarket by allowing users to perform CoinJoin transactions with your bitcoins for a small fee (requires you to already have some bitcoins)

Bitcoin Projects

The following is a short list of ongoing projects that might be worth taking a look at if you are interested in current development in the bitcoin space.
Project Description
Lightning Network, Amiko Pay, and Strawpay Payment channels for network scaling
Blockstream and Drivechain Sidechains
21, Inc. Open source library for the machine payable web Trade between bitcoins and altcoins easily
Open Transactions, Counterparty, Omni, Open Assets, Symbiont and Chain Financial asset platforms
Hivemind and Augur Prediction markets
Mirror Smart contracts
Mediachain Decentralized media library
Tierion and Factom Records & Titles on the blockchain
BitMarkets, DropZone, Beaver and Open Bazaar Decentralized markets
Samourai and Dark Wallet - abandoned Privacy-enhancing wallets
JoinMarket CoinJoin implementation (Increase privacy and/or Earn interest on bitcoin holdings)
Coinffeine and Bitsquare Decentralized bitcoin exchanges
Keybase and Bitrated Identity & Reputation management
Bitmesh and Telehash Mesh networking
JoyStream BitTorrent client with paid seeding
MORPHiS Decentralized, encrypted internet
Storj and Sia Decentralized file storage
Streamium and Faradam Pay in real time for on-demand services
Abra Global P2P money transmitter network
bitSIM PIN secure hardware token between SIM & Phone
Identifi Decentralized address book w/ ratings system
Coinometrics Institutional-level Bitcoin Data & Research
Blocktrail and BitGo Multisig bitcoin API
Bitcore Open source Bitcoin javascript library
Insight Open source blockchain API
Leet Kill your friends and take their money ;)

Bitcoin Units

One Bitcoin is quite large (hundreds of £/$/€) so people often deal in smaller units. The most common subunits are listed below:
Unit Symbol Value Info
millibitcoin mBTC 1,000 per bitcoin SI unit for milli i.e. millilitre (mL) or millimetre (mm)
microbitcoin μBTC 1,000,000 per bitcoin SI unit for micro i.e microlitre (μL) or micrometre (μm)
bit bit 1,000,000 per bitcoin Colloquial "slang" term for microbitcoin
satoshi sat 100,000,000 per bitcoin Smallest unit in bitcoin, named after the inventor
For example, assuming an arbitrary exchange rate of $500 for one Bitcoin, a $10 meal would equal:
For more information check out the Bitcoin units wiki.
Still have questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below or stick around for our weekly Mentor Monday thread. If you decide to post a question in /Bitcoin, please use the search bar to see if it has been answered before, and remember to follow the community rules outlined on the sidebar to receive a better response. The mods are busy helping manage our community so please do not message them unless you notice problems with the functionality of the subreddit. A complete list of bitcoin related subreddits can be found here
Note: This is a community created FAQ. If you notice anything missing from the FAQ or that requires clarification you can edit it here and it will be included in the next revision pending approval.
Welcome to the Bitcoin community and the new decentralized economy!
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3commas crypto trading bot review 2020-The best crypto trading bot

3commas crypto trading bot review 2020-The best crypto trading bot
3commas crypto trading bot review 2020 is detailed and comprehensive review of 3commas trading bot, covering all its features and important topics

3commas crypto trading bot review 2020
3Commas crypto trading bot provides access to a variety of trading tools to crypto trader to improve their crypto trading strategy. When used properly, these tools can maximize crypto trader profits and reduce your risk of loss.
3Commas crypto trading bot is best known for its trading bots. In this 3Commas review, we examine the features that make this platform so powerful.

Crypto trading bot

Crypto trading bot have received a lot of attention lately due to advances in their algorithm and growing success rate.
Nobody can watch the market around the clock, and the volatility of the crypto space makes it possible to take losses or miss opportunities in seconds.
Fortunately, a well-programmed crypto trading bot can take over the control while you sleep, eat, or do other activities
As a 3Commas user, you can copy the trading of other bots on 3 commas, automating trade orders, and track top portfolios.
With these handy protocols, you can pre-program your trading strategy based on loss and profit percentages, price points or a variety of other market conditions.
The 3Commas crypto trading bot has over 33,000 registered users with a daily trading volume of around $ 10 million.

3Commas pricing

The below image shows the 3Commas pricing in detail

3commas pricing

3Commas crypto trading bot feature

  • Automated trading around the clock: The main feature of 3Commas crypto trading bot is that you can automatically trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 23 supported exchanges: 3Commas supports 23 major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bybit, Cex, Kraken, KuCoin, OKex, Huobi, Exmo,, HitBTC and YoBit (also) Binance DEX, Binance Jersey, Binance US).
  • Simultaneous Profit Taking and Stop Loss: Adjust trades with profit or stop loss commands to secure profits or minimize losses.
  • Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss: Customize Stop Loss and commands with Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss so that the limits automatically increase when a coin rises in price.
  • Sell ​​by multiple targets: You can Sell your coins by multiple targets.
  • TradingView signals and charts: With 3Commas you can display simultaneous exchange rate charts and TradingView signals in a single window.
  • Paper trading: 3Commas has a paper trading feature that allows you to fully test the platform's trading features before actual purchasing.
  • Simple and compound bots: 3Commas offers simple bots with which you can execute a trade pair and compound bots with which you can execute several trade pairs
  • Long algorithms and Short algorithms: 3Commas trading bot can use long or short algorithms. Using long algorithms, the bot buys a coin with the settings you have created and then lists orders for sale at a higher price. With 3Commas you can implement short algorithms. The bot sells a coin after you create settings and then places a purchase order at a lower price
  • Analyze and copy bots: 3Commas crypto trading bot can analyze performance and then view and copy other bot settings via 3Commas
  • Create and customize portfolios: With 3Commas you can create portfolios with any number of coins.

How to use 3commas crypto trading bot

Get started with 3Commas
Creating an account is a straightforward process. On the main page, at the top of the page, is the green "Create Account" tab.

  • Create an account
Visit the 3Commas trading bot website and enter an email address and password to register.
After confirming your account by clicking the link in the email you sent, you will have access to the dashboard.
Sign up here

  • Choose the bot type
There are four types of trading bots: short, simple, composite and composite short bots. A simple 3 commas trading bot can trade only in one pair, while composite bot can trade on multiple pairs

  • Connect an Cryptocurrency Exchange:
Use your API key to connect your crypto exchange with 3commas
3commas crypto trading bot have different features for different crypto exchnage, see detail in image below

3commas bot review 2020

  • Choose a trading pair and set the base trading size
You can select the trading pair you want your crypto trading bot to trade from the drop-down menu, and then tell your crypto trading bot how much of your preferred currency you will use during your first trade

  • Set target profit
Before you do this, you should set a safety size because you can do more controlled purchases after a dive. If a trading pair is selected by ETH / BTC and the price after the purchase of ETH falls below the original purchase price, you can use security transactions to buy more ETH with the BTC amount specified in the size of the security trade.

3commas crypto trading bot review
You can then set the target profit, which informs the crypto trading bot, in percentages, when to sell. If a target profit is set at 3%, the crypto trading bot will automatically execute a sell order as soon as this profit is realized

  • Select the type of profit taking
There are two take profit options that represent a percentage from base trading or a percentage from total volume

  • Set the maximum number of security transactions
This informs the 3commas crypto trading bota of how many security transactions it can perform before stopping, and the maximum number of active security transactions tells the merchant bot the number of active security transactions it can perform at any given time

  • Set the price variance to open security deals
This tells the 3commas crypto trading bot when to start executing security transactions and is set as a percentage. If set to 3, if the price of the selected currency falls 3% below the original trading price, the trading bot will start executing security transactions.

  • Set the trading start conditions
This informs the bot when the first trade should be completed and there is a choice between TradingView Signal Buy or Strong Buy, TradingView Signal Strong Buy, Manual or Open New Trade ASAP.
If you follow these steps, a 3commas crypto trading bot can be configured in just a few minutes and the whole process is so simple that more beginners can successfully follow. The platform is still detailed enough to attract experienced traders as well.

How safe is 3Commas?

It should be noted that you actually do not have any money on the 3commas and your trading bots cannot withdraw from your linkedaccounts.
Like other trading bots, your 3commas crypto trading bot connect to your Exchange accounts via the API and then carryon automated trading on the exchanges you linked
These keys provide trading bots with limited access to user accounts to conduct trades only and do not grant bots any withdrawal rights.
This also means that if your account is compromised and nefarious actors could take control of your trading activities, they still cannot access your exchange accounts directly to make withdrawals.

Is 3Commas for beginners?

The platform is generally fairly easy to navigate even for new cryptocurrency trader, and the trading bots are easy to set up.
Various functions are easily accessible from your account. You can connect to an exchange at the push of a button and set up intelligent trades and bots.
The dashboard is also clear and users can quickly select their preferred tabs and functions from the side window.
In addition, features such as bot analysis, which lists the best performing bots and trading pairs as well as the market, are well executed and easy to understand. While the portfolio creation, tracking and social trading features are suitable for both new and experienced traders.


Most Crypto trading bot are difficult to use. However, 3Commas has created a trading bot that is easy to set up, customize, and easy to use.
It is also reliable compared to its lower quality competitors and is one of the best crypto trading bot
3Commas is considered the most reputable trading bot
The 3commas is completely transparent in terms of operation and location, and we know exactly who is running the company. We also appreciate 3Commas customer service, which is available 24/7 through several contact methods.
As mentioned above, there are inherent risks when trading cryptoassets. However, since many expect Bitcoin price to rise in the next few years due to halving under other driving factors it may make sense to start with a proven trading system like 3commas to see if You can earn more Bitcoin and see how the value increases in the future.
With features like portfolio creation and tracking, bot customization, best compatibility with cryptocurrency exchange and much more, 3Commas is one of the best trading bot platforms available today.
ViSIT 3commas Crypto Trading Bot
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⚡ Lightning Network Megathread ⚡

Last updated 2018-01-29
This post is a collaboration with the Bitcoin community to create a one-stop source for Lightning Network information.
There are still questions in the FAQ that are unanswered, if you know the answer and can provide a source please do so!

⚡What is the Lightning Network? ⚡


Image Explanations:

Specifications / White Papers


Lightning Network Experts on Reddit

  • starkbot - (Elizabeth Stark - Lightning Labs)
  • roasbeef - (Olaoluwa Osuntokun - Lightning Labs)
  • stile65 - (Alex Akselrod - Lightning Labs)
  • cfromknecht - (Conner Fromknecht - Lightning Labs)
  • RustyReddit - (Rusty Russell - Blockstream)
  • cdecker - (Christian Decker - Blockstream)
  • Dryja - (Tadge Dryja - Digital Currency Initiative)
  • josephpoon - (Joseph Poon)
  • fdrn - (Fabrice Drouin - ACINQ )
  • pmpadiou - (Pierre-Marie Padiou - ACINQ)

Lightning Network Experts on Twitter

  • @starkness - (Elizabeth Stark - Lightning Labs)
  • @roasbeef - (Olaoluwa Osuntokun - Lightning Labs)
  • @stile65 - (Alex Akselrod - Lightning Labs)
  • @bitconner - (Conner Fromknecht - Lightning Labs)
  • @johanth - (Johan Halseth - Lightning Labs)
  • @bvu - (Bryan Vu - Lightning Labs)
  • @rusty_twit - (Rusty Russell - Blockstream)
  • @snyke - (Christian Decker - Blockstream)
  • @JackMallers - (Jack Mallers - Zap)
  • @tdryja - (Tadge Dryja - Digital Currency Initiative)
  • @jcp - (Joseph Poon)
  • @alexbosworth - (Alex Bosworth -

Medium Posts

Learning Resources


Desktop Interfaces

Web Interfaces

Tutorials and resources

Lightning on Testnet

Lightning Wallets

Place a testnet transaction

Altcoin Trading using Lightning

  • ZigZag - Disclaimer You must trust ZigZag to send to Target Address

Lightning on Mainnet

Warning - Testing should be done on Testnet

Atomic Swaps

Developer Documentation and Resources

Lightning implementations

  • LND - Lightning Network Daemon (Golang)
  • eclair - A Scala implementation of the Lightning Network (Scala)
  • c-lightning - A Lightning Network implementation in C
  • lit - Lightning Network node software (Golang)
  • lightning-onion - Onion Routed Micropayments for the Lightning Network (Golang)
  • lightning-integration - Lightning Integration Testing Framework
  • ptarmigan - C++ BOLT-Compliant Lightning Network Implementation [Incomplete]


Lightning Network Visualizers/Explorers



Payment Processors

  • BTCPay - Next stable version will include Lightning Network




Slack Channel

Discord Channel


⚡ Lightning FAQs ⚡

If you can answer please PM me and include source if possible. Feel free to help keep these answers up to date and as brief but correct as possible
Is Lightning Bitcoin?
Yes. You pick a peer and after some setup, create a bitcoin transaction to fund the lightning channel; it’ll then take another transaction to close it and release your funds. You and your peer always hold a bitcoin transaction to get your funds whenever you want: just broadcast to the blockchain like normal. In other words, you and your peer create a shared account, and then use Lightning to securely negotiate who gets how much from that shared account, without waiting for the bitcoin blockchain.
Is the Lightning Network open source?
Yes, Lightning is open source. Anyone can review the code (in the same way as the bitcoin code)
Who owns and controls the Lightning Network?
Similar to the bitcoin network, no one will ever own or control the Lightning Network. The code is open source and free for anyone to download and review. Anyone can run a node and be part of the network.
I’ve heard that Lightning transactions are happening “off-chain”…Does that mean that my bitcoin will be removed from the blockchain?
No, your bitcoin will never leave the blockchain. Instead your bitcoin will be held in a multi-signature address as long as your channel stays open. When the channel is closed; the final transaction will be added to the blockchain. “Off-chain” is not a perfect term, but it is used due to the fact that the transfer of ownership is no longer reflected on the blockchain until the channel is closed.
Do I need a constant connection to run a lightning node?
Not necessarily,
Example: A and B have a channel. 1 BTC each. A sends B 0.5 BTC. B sends back 0.25 BTC. Balance should be A = 0.75, B = 1.25. If A gets disconnected, B can publish the first Tx where the balance was A = 0.5 and B = 1.5. If the node B does in fact attempt to cheat by publishing an old state (such as the A=0.5 and B=1.5 state), this cheat can then be detected on-chain and used to steal the cheaters funds, i.e., A can see the closing transaction, notice it's an old one and grab all funds in the channel (A=2, B=0). The time that A has in order to react to the cheating counterparty is given by the CheckLockTimeVerify (CLTV) in the cheating transaction, which is adjustable. So if A foresees that it'll be able to check in about once every 24 hours it'll require that the CLTV is at least that large, if it's once a week then that's fine too. You definitely do not need to be online and watching the chain 24/7, just make sure to check in once in a while before the CLTV expires. Alternatively you can outsource the watch duties, in order to keep the CLTV timeouts low. This can be achieved both with trusted third parties or untrusted ones (watchtowers). In the case of a unilateral close, e.g., you just go offline and never come back, the other endpoint will have to wait for that timeout to expire to get its funds back. So peers might not accept channels with extremely high CLTV timeouts. -- Source
What Are Lightning’s Advantages?
Tiny payments are possible: since fees are proportional to the payment amount, you can pay a fraction of a cent; accounting is even done in thousandths of a satoshi. Payments are settled instantly: the money is sent in the time it takes to cross the network to your destination and back, typically a fraction of a second.
Does Lightning require Segregated Witness?
Yes, but not in theory. You could make a poorer lightning network without it, which has higher risks when establishing channels (you might have to wait a month if things go wrong!), has limited channel lifetime, longer minimum payment expiry times on each hop, is less efficient and has less robust outsourcing. The entire spec as written today assumes segregated witness, as it solves all these problems.
Can I Send Funds From Lightning to a Normal Bitcoin Address?
No, for now. For the first version of the protocol, if you wanted to send a normal bitcoin transaction using your channel, you have to close it, send the funds, then reopen the channel (3 transactions). In future versions, you and your peer would agree to spend out of your lightning channel funds just like a normal bitcoin payment, allowing you to use your lightning wallet like a normal bitcoin wallet.
Can I Make Money Running a Lightning Node?
Not really. Anyone can set up a node, and so it’s a race to the bottom on fees. In practice, we may see the network use a nominal fee and not change very much, which only provides an incremental incentive to route on a node you’re going to use yourself, and not enough to run one merely for fees. Having clients use criteria other than fees (e.g. randomness, diversity) in route selection will also help this.
What is the release date for Lightning on Mainnet?
Lightning is already being tested on the Mainnet Twitter Link but as for a specific date, Jameson Lopp says it best
Would there be any KYC/AML issues with certain nodes?
Nope, because there is no custody ever involved. It's just like forwarding packets. -- Source
What is the delay time for the recipient of a transaction receiving confirmation?
Furthermore, the Lightning Network scales not with the transaction throughput of the underlying blockchain, but with modern data processing and latency limits - payments can be made nearly as quickly as packets can be sent. -- Source
How does the lightning network prevent centralization?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
What are Channel Factories and how do they work?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How does the Lightning network work in simple terms?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How are paths found in Lightning Network?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How would the lightning network work between exchanges?
Each exchange will get to decide and need to implement the software into their system, but some ideas have been outlined here: Google Doc - Lightning Exchanges
Note that by virtue of the usual benefits of cost-less, instantaneous transactions, lightning will make arbitrage between exchanges much more efficient and thus lead to consistent pricing across exchange that adopt it. -- Source
How do lightning nodes find other lightning nodes?
Stack Exchange Answer
Does every user need to store the state of the complete Lightning Network?
According to Rusty's calculations we should be able to store 1 million nodes in about 100 MB, so that should work even for mobile phones. Beyond that we have some proposals ready to lighten the load on endpoints, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. -- Source
Would I need to download the complete state every time I open the App and make a payment?
No you'd remember the information from the last time you started the app and only sync the differences. This is not yet implemented, but it shouldn't be too hard to get a preliminary protocol working if that turns out to be a problem. -- Source
What needs to happen for the Lightning Network to be deployed and what can I do as a user to help?
Lightning is based on participants in the network running lightning node software that enables them to interact with other nodes. This does not require being a full bitcoin node, but you will have to run "lnd", "eclair", or one of the other node softwares listed above.
All lightning wallets have node software integrated into them, because that is necessary to create payment channels and conduct payments on the network, but you can also intentionally run lnd or similar for public benefit - e.g. you can hold open payment channels or channels with higher volume, than you need for your own transactions. You would be compensated in modest fees by those who transact across your node with multi-hop payments. -- Source
Is there anyway for someone who isn't a developer to meaningfully contribute?
Sure, you can help write up educational material. You can learn and read more about the tech at You can test the various desktop and mobile apps out there (Lightning Desktop, Zap, Eclair apps). -- Source
Do I need to be a miner to be a Lightning Network node?
No -- Source
Do I need to run a full Bitcoin node to run a lightning node?
lit doesn't depend on having your own full node -- it automatically connects to full nodes on the network. -- Source
LND uses a light client mode, so it doesn't require a full node. The name of the light client it uses is called neutrino
How does the lightning network stop "Cheating" (Someone broadcasting an old transaction)?
Upon opening a channel, the two endpoints first agree on a reserve value, below which the channel balance may not drop. This is to make sure that both endpoints always have some skin in the game as rustyreddit puts it :-)
For a cheat to become worth it, the opponent has to be absolutely sure that you cannot retaliate against him during the timeout. So he has to make sure you never ever get network connectivity during that time. Having someone else also watching for channel closures and notifying you, or releasing a canned retaliation, makes this even harder for the attacker. This is because if he misjudged you being truly offline you can retaliate by grabbing all of its funds. Spotty connections, DDoS, and similar will not provide the attacker the necessary guarantees to make cheating worthwhile. Any form of uncertainty about your online status acts as a deterrent to the other endpoint. -- Source
How many times would someone need to open and close their lightning channels?
You typically want to have more than one channel open at any given time for redundancy's sake. And we imagine open and close will probably be automated for the most part. In fact we already have a feature in LND called autopilot that can automatically open channels for a user.
Frequency will depend whether the funds are needed on-chain or more useful on LN. -- Source
Will the lightning network reduce BTC Liquidity due to "locking-up" funds in channels?
Stack Exchange Answer
Can the Lightning Network work on any other cryptocurrency? How?
Stack Exchange Answer
When setting up a Lightning Network Node are fees set for the entire node, or each channel when opened?
You don't really set up a "node" in the sense that anyone with more than one channel can automatically be a node and route payments. Fees on LN can be set by the node, and can change dynamically on the network. -- Source
Can Lightning routing fees be changed dynamically, without closing channels?
Yes but it has to be implemented in the Lightning software being used. -- Source
How can you make sure that there will be routes with large enough balances to handle transactions?
You won't have to do anything. With autopilot enabled, it'll automatically open and close channels based on the availability of the network. -- Source
How does the Lightning Network stop flooding nodes (DDoS) with micro transactions? Is this even an issue?
Stack Exchange Answer

Unanswered Questions

How do on-chain fees work when opening and closing channels? Who pays the fee?
How does the Lightning Network work for mobile users?
What are the best practices for securing a lightning node?
What is a lightning "hub"?
How does lightning handle cross chain (Atomic) swaps?

Special Thanks and Notes

  • Many links found from awesome-lightning-network github
  • Everyone who submitted a question or concern!
  • I'm continuing to format for an easier Mobile experience!
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I got scammed, Be Careful.

Apologies In advance for the long post just wanted to give all the details. Be Careful.
A few weeks ago I made a post in this subreddit looking to buy a Matebook X Pro. I am in need of a new laptop do to my old Samsung laptop being around 7 years old now and literally falling apart. The Matebook was the best option possible and I did loads of research and checked this subreddit religiously for all the information about it and decided it was 100% the laptop I wanted. So after making the post a few different people were messaging me offering to sell theirs. The Huawei ban was just announced so the prices I was being offered the laptops for was a great price in my opinion ranging from 700-800 euros. I then received a message from someone named Jake Harrington saying that he just bought the Matebook for his wife a month previous and she wasn't a fan of it so he was selling it. He said he bought it off Amazon UK (it was the i7 8gb 512ssd model) and that he used some gift cards so he got it for a pretty good price and was offering to sell it to me for 650 GBP. I thought this was an amazing price and but of course I was skeptical because it seemed too good. I of course asked for pictures of it which he sent me over various pictures. I also asked to see a video of him turning the laptop on from it being powered off, which he gladly sent to me. So at this point I thought it was legit because he sent me the exact thing i asked for which meant he must of had the laptop. Then I negotiated like I always do (i'm super cheap lol) and eventually I got him down to 625 GBP which is 715 Euro with the fees and shipping included. He wanted to do a bank transfer which I'm sure is secure in the UK but since I live in Ireland it would be international and I thought I wouldn't have any security and he could just not send the laptop. I called my bank and they said that I was correct that I would have no protection in doing a bank transfer and couldn't really over a solid solution. I'm not a huge fan of paypal do to a few past issues and he said he wasn't either. I wanted to use since I just used it to sell one of my eCommerce businesses and it worked like a charm and was super secure. He said he's never heard of it and didn't want to research it and have to set up an account since he was really busy with work. So he suggested Transferwise. I've never heard of it before so I did some research. Found out it was made by Richard Branson and read some reviews about it being very secure and easy to use. So I set up an account and decided that I was willing to use it. Pretty much how it works was You can transfer money from your debit/credit card to bank accounts. So he sent me on his Account Number, Sort Code, and Name and Email which was all you needed. I then sent the payment over (715 Euro with all fees and exchange rates) and it said it was complete in about 7 seconds. Then it said it could take about an hour to show up in the persons bank account. I was still talking to "Jake" on Whatsapp and he said he would let me know when it went through. A few hours passed and it was getting late so I thought he had went to bed and said I'd leave it until the morning to contact him. Then I woke up to a message he sent me saying that the payment didn't go through which was strange and then he said that he sent me the account number wrong and it had an extra number in it or something along those lines. So he sent me the new account number and said to call Transferwise to see what their policy was. I called an they said that it normally takes 1-2 days for the money to bounce back and that they would contact me as soon as it did and I could fix the account number. Then about 5 days went by with no email or message from them at all. So I called them back and gave them the transfer number and they said they haven't gotten anything back which was strange. And asked if I trusted the person I was buying from. I told them that I didn't know him and was just buying a laptop online and explained the whole situation to the person from Transferwise about the two different account numbers mistake. And she said that I would be able to do a IBAN conversion look up online because there could only be one account with the same sort code. So I did an IBAN conversion online and found out that the original account that I sent the money too was a real account and the "new" account number was not real. So I assumed he gave me the real details and then once the money went through gave me the wrong details so I would wait for the money to bounce back, which obviously it never would because it went into the right account which was the original one. Before I found out this information he told me he was going on a work trip to LA in the coming days for two weeks and I was hoping to get the situation sorted before then. Back to after me finding out I messaged him back telling him that I knew he had scammed me and was expecting no response. Then a couple days later on Reddit I got a response saying that this was 100% not the case and that he had called his bank and they had confirmed that he had received the payment but it did not deposit into his account for 24 hours because it was the first transaction on his account or something like that and that he was already at the airport and going to LA and he couldn't bank transfer me back the money because he had switched the sim on his phone to an American sim card and wouldn't be able to get the security text code to log in but he would be home in two weeks and I could wait or he would give me a refund in bitcoin. At this point I was on the fence about it because why would he even message me back if he scammed me and already had the money, also he was offering a refund which I eventually decided to take. I set up a bitcoin wallet on Coinbase and let him know and he said for me to send on the bitcoin address which I did. I then waited a few days with no response. Sent him a few more messages with no response. Sent emails,whatsapp's and Reddit messages all with no response. It's been close to 2 weeks with no response, almost a month since I sent the money and I've finally sadly admitted it's official, you've been scammed something that really sucks especially because you hear about it all the time but think it will never happen to yourself. I called Transferwise and asked them what I could do to try and get the money back they said that it was out of there hands and they could only give information to the police and recommended that I should contact the local police. I have printed out all of his information including Bank Account Number, IBAN, BIC, Sort Code, Email Address, Phone Number, Bank Location, Whatsapp Messages, Reddit Messages, and pretty much everything else I have on him. I will be going to my local Garda Station (police) tomorrow to give them all the details but am not super optimistic about what they will be able to do. Although I will be travelling to the UK next week to visit a friend, so I will 100% be reporting it to the police over there as well. Obviously I know my chances of getting my money back are pretty much slim to none. I wanted to make this post to let everyone in the community to know to watch out for a Jake Harrington which might not even be his real name. Anyone buying a laptop off of someone on this subreddit be careful and do your due diligence. Obviously not saying not to trust anyone, I'm sure there are plenty of legit people on this subreddit looking to sell their Matebook. But again be careful and get all the information first and use a secure payment processor that offers you protection as well. I know of course that this situation is my fault and I am blaming no one but myself. But Please like I said Be careful. Just last night a Video of the 2019 Matebook came up on my Youtube feed (super jealous btw Brad haha) and at first thought I was like ah screw that and it just was bad memories but then I snapped myself out of it, obviously it's not the laptops fault it is still imo the best laptop you can buy today for the price that it's at, and I hope to still buy one at some point in the future. I'll still be reading this subreddit religiously i'm sure to find out all new information. But with this last message I just want everyone to watch out if purchasing a laptop for a Jake Harrington that might not even be his real name but just watch out. I'm not sure I can put the rest of his information out there so I won't but please watch out and Be safe. If you've made it this far I appreciate you reading this and hope everyone has a good day and enjoy your Matebooks :)

𝐓𝐋;𝐃𝐑: I got scammed by someone named Jake Harrington from the UK paying through Transferwise On this Subreddit. Be Careful who you are buying from.
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5 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020

5 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020
There is no doubt that 2020 will be an important year in the history of cryptocurrencies:
the next halving of BTC, the arrival of the ETH 2.0 era, the possible launch of the token of the Central Bank of China and Europe, the new presidential elections in America, the intense situation in the Middle East …
In the face of the great economic instability, a question that continues to haunt the investors is: What should I buy?
If you have not found a good answer, it is worth paying attention to these 5 cryptocurrencies:
TOP1: Bitcoin
Completing 11 years in the market, Bitcoin currently dominates 70% of the cryptocurrency market.
The reasons to invest in BTC in 2020:
1) Another halving is coming
The 3rd BTC halving will take place in May 2020, which may drive the price to a new level:
The halving will result in a decrease in BTC production, which will lead to an imbalance between supply and demand in the market and drive up prices.
The halving will increase the difficulty of mining Bitcoin and reduce the profit of it. In this sense, miners always bull the market, as the price increase can make up for the entire industry’s losses. While the mining giant has accumulated huge wealth during the BTC dividend period, it will become a guarantee for the rise in BTC prices.
The expectation about halving has become a consensus, and the public’s fear of missing out in the market will drive prices up. It is worth noting that the halving of BTC does not necessarily occur at the time of halving. Based on the previous two experiences, the boon will be released before the halving.
Therefore, You can start to build your position in Bitcoin at an early date, wait for the maximum to arrive and sell at the right time to reduce the risk.
2) Financial havens
Weiss Crypto Ratings considered Bitcoin as the ultimate digital safe haven, whose value will grow in the face of the instability of the international scenario.
Geopolitical conflict. Since 2020, the global risk aversion has greatly increased due to tensions in the Middle East.
Concerns about the global recession: Bitcoin has grown 16% in 2020, and gold has reached its highest price of $ 1610 during the past seven years.
BCH is a token derived from BTC during the hard fork process, so its price has a great correlation with the price of Bitcoin.
The height of the BCH block is slightly higher than the height of BTC, so the BCH halving will arrive on April 6, 2020.
The year 2019 was considered as a year of bomb for exchange tokens, among which some achieved incredible performance and are among the 20 most valued cryptos in the world, as investors considered them as the most guaranteed cryptocurrencies.
And BNB is a “potential stock”:
Its price multiplied 8.5 times and its capitalization value rose from 861th place to 8th place, as a result of the launch of the IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) model by Binance in 2019.
Entering the market with a price of $ 0.10 in July 2017, BNB reached its highest increase in June 2019 with a price of around $ 39.57.
Hold for two years = 388 times profit!
In 2020, the value of BNB will also increase with the growth of Binance.
Tezos is one of the public chain projects that managed to survive the fierce competition in the market.
In June 2017, the Tezos project raised $ 232 million during its initial coin offering (ICO), the largest funding among all ICO projects at that time.
In October 2019, Tezos continued to rise, from a minimum price of $ 0.74 in October to a maximum of $ 1.85 in December, an increase of more than 160%, ranking among the top ten by market value.
The reason behind this is that Coinbase has launched staking support for Tezos, which represents the affirmation of the Tezos project, as Coinbase has always been known for its strict project review.
Compared to the highest value of $ 12, Tezos still has a long way to go. Given its reversal in 2019, it deserves attention in 2020 so as not to miss good investment opportunities.
In 2019, Defi (Decentralized Finance) has become a new hotspot in the blockchain and is considered a “new financial revolutionary movement”.
Maker is the “central bank” of the DeFi lending market, with a market share of over 49%. Those who cannot obtain a loan from the traditional banks can borrow digital assets on the Maker platform. At present, the stable currency DAI is the main borrowing asset, accounting for 74% of the total loan amount, and DAI is the stable currency issued by the Maker platform.
The DeFi market has achieved continuous growth in 2019. According to DeFireview data, as of December 24, 2019, the total locked position reached 796 million U.S. dollars, of which Maker accounted for 39.16%. Compared with January, it has increased by nearly two times, and on June 25, it reached to the highest total amount, which is $ 1.72 billion.
MKR is the token of the Maker system. With the growth of the Defi market, MKR has risen steadily by 12% since the beginning of this year. The market value of MKR jumped to the top 20.
In 2020, with the centralized exchanges starting to launch Defi business and the huge potential of the lending market, the prospect of Maker is exciting.
Keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrencies is always risky, and investing in only one cryptocurrency will face greater risks.
Diversify your portfolio!
All information contained in this article is for reference only.
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BTC Lightning Network -vs- BCH Coffee Shop simulation


View this gist. It's a python program that runs through various TXN simulations to compare fees of various coins and wallets. Rates are based on late June pricing. Jump to Results section below.

Lighting network simulator

This is a very simple python program that will simulate a few conditions. For the ground work lets set up an Alice and Bob story.
Bob's friend Alice sets up a coffee shop. She is going to start taking cryptocurrency at the coffee shop, so she is set up to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core via Lightning (BTCLN). Bob has a substantial holding in both BTC and BCH, though it is all in cold storage in a HW wallet. He does have a Coinbase account but is always very careful to calculate trading fees. So now Bob wants to determine what would be the best way to get ready to move his daily coffee patronage to Alice's shop.
Looking over his past expenses on morning coffee, he decides that 20,000 satoshis (BTC) should be a nice round number for lattes and perhaps 19,000 for coffee. Since BTC is trading at $10,600, his budget in terms of fiat comes out to just about $2 a day. With his budget in hand, he goes about reviewing the BCH and BTCLN payment options. He suspects BTC (mainnet) is too costly since he doesn't want to leave Alice with low priority economical transactions to chase.

Bitcoin Cash

His simplest solution of course is just to move BCH from his HW wallet (cold) to his mobile wallet (hot), but he wants to keep his BTC and BCH accounts fairly balanced and doesn't want to deplete his BCH funds entirely. He also wants to pay Alice in both BCH and BTCLN since she seemed excited about her new Point Of Sale system. He had thought about converting some of his BTC to BCH, though he realizes that there is always a cost for this on Coinbase (usually 0.15%).

Eclair LN Wallet

The next wallet Bob looked at was the Eclair mobile LN wallet. This would be simplest to fund with BTC which of course would have costs in moving funds from his HW wallet to Eclair, and then even more costs opening and closing a channel. He also noted on the github for the project that many LN wallets do not allow fees to be set on channel close operations. This might get costly as market fee rates rise.

Wallet of Satoshi, funded by a BTCLN exchange.

Another popular LN solution is Wallet of Satoshi (WoS). WoS seems like a simple solution since it doesn't have the same constraints on incoming and outgoing capacity like Eclair does. There is also no need to do any complicated channel setup since it is custodial and that is all just handled. Bob does realize that WoS funding options might be costly. He researches ways to load and unload WoS using the FixedFloat exchange as well as the bitrefill Thor channel services.

FixedFloat for BCH funding and withdrawals from WoS

As noted before with WoS, LN transactions are seamless enough, but WoS has no way to convert funds back to BTC. For this we have to use a LN exchange. FixedFloat is a fairly reasonable exchange offering competitive exchange rates and a 0.5% fee. To convert funds from BTC, WoS has offers a comptitive rate of 0.3%, so obviously this is the simplest way to fund the wallet.

Bitrefill for BTC funding

Although not a verify competitive option, the Bitrefill funding option is included here just to see how it stacks up to the others.


I've included two runs of the simluator in LibreOffice format. They should be viewable in Google Sheets, Excel or LibreOffice

Latte (without bugfix)

This simulated buying lattes (20k sat) and compared the cost of using various wallets. Important inflection points that were found:

Coffee (with bugfix)

This simulated buying coffees (19k sat) and compared the cost of using various wallets. Important inflection points that were found. This simulation did assume that the expensive channel close bug in Eclair was fixed:



To run this, do the following:
  1. git clone lnsim to get files.
  2. Edit and update the defines at the top of the file to your liking
  3. python3 > results.csv or python.exe in windows
  4. Open results.csv in LibreOffice, Excel, or Google Sheets
Brought to you by u/MoonNoon
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Two underlying factors in the bubble cycle

In this post, a theory is presented about why cryptocurrency bubbles behave the way they do: more coins are sold by miners during the bottom of the cycles, and changing coins to dollars is impossible for many people. Source:
Good afternoon! Now that we have time to relax after releasing charity mining, I thought that it was worth straightening out two misconceptions that seem get posted over and over again across the Internet. These ideas appear to come from people who don't actually work in the cryptocurrency industry or who don't actually spend any coins to buy anything.
There are two constant market forces unrelated to traders and purchasers that act in opposition to each other, and understanding them explains a lot about why markets act the way they do. I'll show that they can explain the existence and behavior of the bubble cycles that are especially pronounced in cryptocurrencies.
Mining sell pressure increases as prices fall
One of the most common refrains I see posted is that miners are supposedly more likely to save coins during the downcycle of bubbles, because they want to accumulate as many as possible so that they will be worth more when the next bubble starts. This is a sound investment strategy, but it doesn't work when you're running a business.
For example, our expenses are currently fixed at $1,574/day. This amount is what it costs for electricity, server maintenance, Internet connectivity, salaries, health insurance, reviewing 1099-MISC and W8-BEN forms, legal advice, taxes, and so on. Ideally, we would be investing more, but the massive labor shortage makes it impossible to hire anyone in this economy. Our revenues have been remarkably stable at about 11 bitcoins per day - down from about $230,000 per day in December to around $06,000 now. At the targeted 5% revenue, we earned around $11,500/day back then, and about $3,000/day now before expenses.
Of the $11,500 per day that was being earned back in December, about 15% was being spent or exchanged to dollars for business expenses and necessities like Purse purchases. Now, with $3,300 per day being earned, about 50% of coins are being spent or exchanged to dollars to pay business expenses and necessities. The rest accumulates and remains in the business's paper wallets for the part of this cycle when things get really bad - but there were more bitcoins going into the wallets in December. If the bitcoin price declines towards my earlier predicted capitulation low of $980, we will not only spend all of the coins we earn, but will also start drawing down the paper wallets to pay 200% of what we are earning to survive until the cycle reverses.
This is why the theory that miners will hold more coins because they think that the price will rise is incorrect. Expenses are fixed. We saved more money, in both dollar value and number of coins, when the value of coins was high. We are not able to hold as many coins now because more are being spent to pay fixed expenses. When prices fall even more, we'll actually start spending more than the coins we mine.
I strongly believe that the next bubble will see many coins (especially ETC, which is significantly undervalued because the ETH network is overloaded) rising to 20x multiples of what they are worth now. I also dislike wasting money on useless stuff like expensive cars and big houses and would rather save it. But that doesn't mean we're saving more money than when the coins were worth more. We still have to spend $45,000 per month. Before, that meant spending four blocks of litecoins; now, it means spending twenty.
Throughout the years, I've always wondered why coins seem to be so much more susceptible to bubbles than stocks are. Some try to write off the volatility as being due to the low market capitalization of coins, but bitcoin has a larger market capitalization than most companies, and it is still more volatile. I suspect the true reason is that stocks are not mined. The selling pressure from miners increases as the value of coins declines, because they have to unload more and more of them to stay solvent. The bubbles become like self-fulfilling prophecies. As prices decline, miners have no choice but to unload more coins onto the market. Once prices begin to rise, fewer and fewer coins are spent by miners, amplifying the cycle in the opposite direction.
Changing coins to dollars is difficult
People seem to miss is that even if it were possible to predict that a bubble has peaked with 100% accuracy, it's still extremely difficult to convert coins to dollars.
The first reason for this trouble is that there are a lot of costs involved. First, there are exchange fees and transaction fees associated with moving money to exchanges, which in December cost $40. Then, there is the rule that long-term gains are taxed as a lower rate than short-term gains. These taxes are, of course, applied on top of your income, so they are in the highest bracket. In our case, selling coins means setting aside about 26% to pay long-term capital gains taxes to all the tax agencies - but when coins are re-bought, short-term capital gains taxes are now applied. The short-term capital gains rate is about 45%.
Therefore, even if I were 100% certain that bitcoins would fall from $20,000 to $16,200, it still doesn't make sense to sell. Assume that I have one bitcoin that was bought for close to zero. Selling it at $20,000 would mean that I owe 26%, or $5200 in taxes. I have perfect timing and buy back 0.913 bitcoins with my remaining $14,800 at a cost of $16,200. This sounds like a great deal - I lost 9% of my bitcoins to pay 26% owed in taxes!
But when the price of bitcoins rises back to $20,000, I now owe 45% "short term gains" on the $4800 increase. My 0.913 bitcoins sold for $18,200, I owe $2,200 in taxes at 45%, and therefore I am left with $16,000. With perfect market timing, I somehow lost $200. Plus, if you need to re-read this calculation to make sense of it, then that should give you an idea of how much of an opportunity cost there is in time trying to sort this stuff out.
But there's a more important reason many people hold coins instead of dollars. It may not be illegal to sell coins, but everyone will treat you like it is.
In an earlier post, I talked about how Chris has already had two bank accounts closed (see viewtopic.php?f=11&p=18825), despite the accounts being used for no other purpose than to pay taxes. My theory is that banks have some sort of automatic trigger, where large transactions cause some sort of internal audit. Banks treat customers like criminals until proven otherwise. This internal audit seems to be much stricter than whatever paperwork they are required to file with government agencies.
Avoiding the use of banks isn't about avoiding illegal activity, since we don't have anything to hide. It's about avoiding unnecessary attention. Even when you're not doing anything wrong, you still have to spend time and sometimes money constantly proving that.
My impression when dealing with the government and banks is that, for whatever reason, they are laser-focused and see everything in terms of dollars. Dollars are worth something, and when you convert things into dollars, you have money and are rich. They view coins as something that isn't real, in that you aren't rich until you have a bank account with a lot of dollars in it. The reason is probably because most of the financial crime seems to go through banks - i.e., Paul Manafort thinking that transferring $11m through wire transfers would somehow be hidden from taxation.
This attitude extends to everyday people, too. To this day, there are still people who say things like "well, the business earns you coins, but how to you turn that into money?" I have four times as many coins as everything else I own combined, and yet to them my net worth is a portfolio of stocks, my old Prius, an electric bike that is worth just as much as the Prius, and a few other things. To them, the coins are just something else I happen to have "invested in" that isn't real money.
You can use this socially and legally to your advantage. The IRS allows people to hold as many coins as they want, and as long as they aren't spent, they can sit in paper wallets forever without owing a dime in taxes. There aren't any documentation requirements for declaring how many coins one owns, and unlike cash stored under a mattress, a split key can't be stolen or lost in a fire. A bag of cash being carried across the country is automatically suspected as being drug-related, while a paper with a private key is overlooked. Banks have no right to decide that they don't like your coins and freeze accounts pending investigation. And it seems like the average person doesn't consider coins as a form of "real money," so most people don't see you as rich with all the problems that come along with that.
Finally, even if I wanted to convert all these coins to dollars, I would have to send them to an exchange. Chris had his Coinbase account suspended "pending account review" for three months before their incompetent customer service finally was able to get around to his ticket and resolve the issue. We closed a Bitflyer account, because they won't connect brokerage accounts from "intermediate" clearing banks where the name of the account at the intermediate bank is the bank's name. Again, all of this is because of this idea that as soon as coins are converted to dollars, they suddenly become "real money" or something. To see how the concept of dollars being special is true, all one has to do is to trade on Coinbase's BCH/BTC market and discover how the trades execute instantly and you'll never have an account frozen for any amount of trading.
Not converting coins to dollars results in the least amount of trouble, and that's why I don't spend dollars anymore. You can buy anything, or a gift card to buy anything, at When buying something, I don't check how much the coins are worth.
You don't have to be doing anything wrong, and you can even have strict policies like our 1099 form noncompliance and zero-tolerance no drug discussion rule and still encounter problems like frozen accounts. There is a lot of money in coins that is being left there because, like me, the owners fear that they will be accused of wrongdoing and have to deal with months of customer service or civil law issues if they ever converted it to legacy currencies due to the misconceptions of many people. If the value of coins drops 90%, then they'll still have more money than the zero they would otherwise have, since there is no legitimate way to sell change large amounts of money to dollars. Note that the much smaller group of criminals who actually are involved in drugs also can't sell, contributing to this floor - money in ransomware wallets, for example, is unspendable because any transaction would lead to an immediate arrest.
This is also why the trite saying "it could all go to zero" is 100% incorrect. Coin prices have exactly zero probability of going to zero across the board. In fact, the idea that "only a few coins will survive" is also demonstrably false. Historically, only about 10% of the 793 coins we have ever offered for payouts have been delisted from all exchanges in the past five years.
How do these two forces work together? While traders buy and sell coins at various times, miners are probably the largest economic group that continually uses and exchanges in cryptocurrency. Mining accentuates the bubble cycle because the fixed costs result in more and more coins being sold as the bottom of each cycle approaches. At some point, however, a point is reached where the large number of people like me who have no other option of what to do with their coins provide a floor to prices. All the traders capitulate, but the group who has too much money to do anything else with it never sells. That reverses the cycle, and as soon as prices begin to rise, miners start selling fewer and fewer coins, accelerating the recovery.
It's impossible to fully understand the cycles without understanding that traders, while important, are only one group of people in a complex economy. The cycle is largely caused by miners, and the "coin-only" users provide a floor. Traders often panic that every drop is "the end," and discount that there is a floor because they lack understanding of the headaches associated with converting coins to dollars.
Finally, if you have doubt that coins will displace existing currencies some day, consider that banks are causing the transition themselves. Every day, more and more money gets caught up in coins because it is so difficult to exchange it in the old system. The floor of "can't sellers" grows higher and higher every day. Eventually, the number of people who have coins like this will grow so large that businesses will recognize the market to serve them is huge. The banks, far from trying to stop coins, are giving people no other option than to use them.
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I Hope Coinbase Burns In HELL for all eternity!

So I signed up for coinbase back in 2018 because in my research I read that it had the cheapest exchange rate among cyrpto exchanges, or so I thought.
About a week after I verified all of my information, and got all the way to the max account level of 3, they had increased my weekly card purchasing limit to $300.00 per week. I didn't mind this at all, even though I really only used at most $150.00 in a week's time.
After about 3 months all of a sudden my purchasing limit was reduced to $50.00 per week. So I sent in a support ticket requesting a purchasing limit increase. Then when I tried to make a purchase for that amount they locked my account and wouldn't let me purchase anything. So I sent in another support ticket. After a couple weeks of waiting I called in to find the status of my tickets. The one I sent requesting the purchase limit increase, had been assigned to a representative who was reviewing it. But he said I should have already received a response by now so he sent a follow up requesting that the person assigned to it, to contact me and let me know what was going on.
After another week my purchasing ability was restored. But my account was still at restricted to only $50.00 per week. So I bought $50.00 worth of bitcoin, this is when I found out that COINBASE is NOT an American company, they aren't even American based at all. In fact they operate out of The UK in London, or somewhere around that area, and every purchase I made with my card, also came with a foreign transaction fee. So not only were they charging me to buy the crypto, they also charged me a fee for not being in the UK. This effectively meant they were NOT THE CHEAPEST BITCOIN EXCHANGE, especially since they are CHARGING me TWICE for EVERY PURCHASE!
So now several months have gone by. I still haven't gotten a response to my purchase limit increase request, in fact they lowered it even more from $50.00 per week to $12.00 per week for card purchases. This is the absolute last straw for me.
Not only will they not raise my purchase limit back to what it was, or even up to $100.00 per week, they lowered it even more, and are charging me foreign transaction fees for every purchase that I make.
Meanwhile the newer CASH APP, ><, from the company that brought us the square card readers for our phones, has a $10,000.00 per week card purchase limit, unlimited sells, $10,000.00 per week deposit, $2,000.00 per day max withdrawal, not to exceed $5,000.00 per week, NO foreign transaction fees whatsoever because they are an American company, based out of San Francisco California. Plus they actually have decent customer service that do respond within 24-48 hours. This may be longer over the weekend I'm not sure, but at least they actually answer and provide help.
So I've decided to say 🖕FUCK YOU COINBASE🖕! I'm done with you, cause your useless, shitty, and expensive, with hidden fees.
I'll be sticking to Cash App from now on!
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Atomic Wallet Coin is SHOCKINGLY Undervalued ~750k Market Cap

Hey, /cryptomoonshots! Its my first post here (woo!)

I’ve been lucky enough to have found QNT and LTO from this subreddit. I’ve found a third project that looks extremely interesting and I’d like to share my research here. My background is in digital marketing and this project stood out to me, especially from a marketing and biz dev perspective, which I’ll share below.

Feel free to correct the record if I’ve posted anything incorrect and I will update it (I’m a human being, I make mistakes, okay!) Additionally, the CEO is constantly answering questions on Telegram!

The project is Atomic Wallet Coin. $AWC



Atomic Wallet is a non custodial crypto wallet for desktop and mobile. Users can exchange and buy 300+ cryptocurrencies from a single interface. The wallet can perform cross-chain atomic swaps.

It’s an exchange built into a wallet.

Shapeshift and Changelly are partnered with Atomic to add additional currency swap pairs + fair rates. Fiat/crypto gateway is supported directly through the app.

Atomic has over 40,000 monthly active users and boasts 150k+ downloads.

The project is one of the first to migrate over to Binance chain. They are currently in the process of getting listed on Binance DEX. Half of their supply will remain ERC-20 and the other half migrated to BEP-2.


Konstantin Gladych self funded Atomic Wallet with his own funds. He previously was the CEO and co-founder of Changelly, a fully compliant crypto exchange service which has been around since 2013 and has serviced over 2 million users across the world.

“Changelly's trading algorithms are integrated into large and reputable trading platforms, such as Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and HitBTC” - Wikipedia

Konstantin holds a PhD in data science/machine learning and left his CEO position at Changelly to develop Atomic Wallet full time.

The team currently consists of 20 full-time employees - 6 developers, 7 support and community managers, 6 marketing and business development, and 1 designer.


Atomic Wallet is trusted by many household names in crypto. This does NOT mean Atomic is “partnered” with these companies, however it adds massive credibility to AWC considering they trust it enough to add it as a recommended wallet on their websites.

Take a look for yourself:


traffic statistics for [pic]

Atomic Wallet has an A+ marketing team.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how well is performing (see above). They’ve gone from 0 to 95k unique visitors per month in well under one year. Purely from Google search traffic. This doesn’t include traffic from Twitter, Facebook, and other sources. It also was during the worst bear market in crypto history, when these search terms would be at a low.

Let’s see how Atomic Wallet measures up against some well-known sites: 802k/mo 580k/mo 401k/mo 172k/mo 165k/mo 149k/mo 125k/mo 95k/mo 70.9k/mo (Binance owned) 24k/mo

Atomic Wallet has virtually caught up to or exceeded many of it’s competitors in terms of traffic in well under a year. Turning this traffic into downloads/new users is child’s play. It’s one of the reasons this company with 20+ employees is already profitable in just a few short months.

So, how is this site getting so many visitors?

Here are a few search terms that ranks on page 1 for on Google.

Open up a new tab, visit and see for yourself!

“EOS wallet”
“ETH wallet”
“BNB wallet”
“Buy Bitcoin”
“Ethereum wallet”
“XRP wallet”
“Ripple wallet”
“DASH wallet”

+27,100+ additional search terms that bring in a total of 94,700 visitors per month. Purely. from. Google. Search.

traffic statistics for [pic]


Atomic’s website does a thorough job of explaining the tokenomic details of the $AWC coin. The tokenomics mirror the standard use-cases you would expect from an exchange token (Bibox, KCS, etc.) The CEO recently expressed his interest in adding staking rewards for AWC holders. He is also exploring the idea of having IEO-type listings for Atomic Wallet users/holders in the future. New projects could theoretically debut directly on their platform and be traded against $AWC, similar to how Bitmax runs IEOs.

Currently, 90% of the circulating supply is locked up and Konstantin has announced his intention to buy back and burn tokens with company profits.

Here are a few of the use cases for $AWC:

The team is looking to make $AWC directly tradeable from the app in the future.

With thousands of new Atomic Wallet users per month, this is an incredibly exciting feature.


Atomic Wallet will grow to an active user base in the millions. Every crypto holder needs a wallet. Atomic provides a user-friendly wallet for newbies getting their feet wet in crypto. Most newbs aren’t going out and buying a LedgeTrezor right away. Building an exchange directly into the wallet provides a safe and easy way to trade crypto assets.

The number of cryptocurrency users and addresses are growing exponentially. Atomic wallet was created during the bear market. They are perfectly positioned to take a massive share of the increasingly competitive crypto wallet market during a bull market/alt coin season.

In my opinion, they’re on track to be the #1 desktop/mobile multi-crypto wallet.

As someone who is experienced in search engine/digital marketing, these guys have an ace marketing team. Even beating or ranking just below Coinbase for many competitive Google search terms in just a few short months.

I have zero doubts that they will blow past every single one of their roadmap goals, especially as Bitcoin continues to climb in value and more people start buying crypto.

Despite short term fluctuations in price, Atomic will continue to onboard thousands of new users every single month. The traffic numbers don’t lie. The Google search rankings don’t lie. Atomic will need to be wise about how they monetize this traffic.

The company is already profitable. The CEO is well connected and has proved he is highly competent in creating and successfully running a crypto exchange.

I have a lot more info to share about this project if there is interest, I’ll post a part 2 or a follow-up in the comments.

A profitable company of this caliber with 20 full-time employees isn’t justified at a ~$750k market cap.




Currently at 750k market cap

2.7MM market cap is a 3.6x from here.
5M market cap is a 6.6x from here.
8MM market cap is a 10.6x from here.


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